Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday, October 10th, 2014

Day 38--Friday, October 9th
When You Come In
  1. Sign in.
  2. Enjoy your pizza!
  3. Pay me, if you still need to!
  4. Get back a  few papers.  Reminder:  Use  complete sentences in your quiz answers.

Quizzes and a Bit of Reading and Annotating TIme (Started @ 8:30)
  1. Take the reading quiz over chapters 6 and 7, and turn it in to the drawer.
  2. Read and annotate chapters 8 and 9, and add to your character list.  Specifically, make annotations about historical connections--echoes you hear from Soviet Union.

Historical Approach:  Powerpoint and Notes
  1. Okay, put  on your historical lenses, your glasses.
  2. Listen for echoes; look for parallels; connect the dot
  3. Stalinist Russia--we got through slides 1-7 on Thursday.  Let’s finish today!

Making Connections, and Finding the Parallels
  1. Working with your partner, use the following reading material to fill out the Parallel Chart.  Use pencil for the ones you’re unsure of, in case you need to erase later.
    1. Your Animal Farm text
    2. Daily notes from class, Wednesday, Thursday and Today
    3. The Bolsheviks in Power
    4. Stalin’s Economic Policies
    5. Stalin’s Show Trial
  2. You may not use a computer for this.
  3. We stopped at 9:25, and we ran through the Historical Connections powerpoint to check our work so far.  
  4. We viewed slides 1-15; we will view the rest Monday, after you have a little more time on  your green packet.
  5. As you leave today, please hand me your green packet.  Make sure your name is on it!


  1. Read and annotate chapters  8 and 9.

  2. Continue your characters list.
  3. Study quizlet vocab (two lists)--the “for real” vocab quizzes will be on TUESDAY, since that is when we will finish the novel.


4th Block Plan

Vocabulary Warm-Up
  1. Art Show:  EGREGIOUS Cats 
Vocabulary Work, Part I
  1. Grab an orange worksheet for picture viewing.
  2. Follow the directions at the top.
  3. When you finish it, turn in your paper in on the PODIUM.
Vocabulary Work, Part II
 Fairy Tales

3rd Block Plan

Vocabulary Work
  1. Art Show:  EGREGIOUS Cats
  2. Most of you guys are ready to take the quiz over our second word list.  If you're ready, come get the quiz, and take it now (half-spelling, half-matching).  SIT ON THE OPPOSITE OF THE ROOM THAN YOU NORMALLY DO, and SPREAD OUT, since this is a graded quiz.
  3. Turn it into the drawer.
  4. If you need to practice first, go here:   Comp Strats Word List #1
  5. Study the new words to prep for English 10 for fifteen minutes:     English 10 Word List #1
  6. You will take a quiz over these words on WEDNESDAY, 10/16 (half-spelling, half-matching)

Vocabulary Work, Part II
  1. Grab an orange worksheet for picture viewing.
  2. Follow the directions at the top.
  3. When you finish it, turn in your paper to the drawer.

Read and relax!
I will have book chats today with people who are ready.

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