Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014


Day Eleven
Happy Wednesday!
September 3rd, 2014

When You Come In
  • Please sign in.  
  • If you have time before 8:10, get on quizlet, and click on “Test,” and take that test before we take the quiz on paper in class.

  • Take the quiz; turn it in to the drawer.
  • Grab FIVE yellow Greek Myth Figures sheets off the stool or table by Brittany.
  • Get on quizlet, and study the new words for a few minutes.  
  • I pulled these from the Foster article you read and annotated yesterday, except “chutzpah”.  He’s a synonym for “hubris,” and he’s Yiddish.  Make sure you click on the microphone icon to HEAR how this is pronounced--the same goes for “voila!”

Barbie Presentation Prep
  1. Get with a partner, and tell one of your figure’s stories clearly.  Time each other; don’t go over sixty seconds or so.
  2. Find a new partner, and rehearse the same story again, timing each other as well.
  3. Repeat until you’ve told your story five times.  The goal is to work the kinks out of your story, so that when you present to the class, the story really flows.
  4. I gave an example, and Sydney was my guinea pig partner.
  5. Tell me if I “digress”!  :-)

Big Idea
  • Listen and look now for resonances, echoes, patterns.
  • What have you heard so far?

Barbie Presentation Reminders
1.      Tell the most important story of your god/goddess, clearly and correctly.
2.     Show and explain your Barbie on the big screen—completed with color and detail, like the models.

A word about note-taking….

Barbie Presentations
1.      Today, people told a brief story (one minute) about his/her god/goddess, then presented the myth Barbie.
2.     We listened the first time through the presentation, then took notes as we went back through the key points.
3.     The following gods/goddess were presented:
  1. Gaea                     
  2. Uranus                  
  3. Rhea                     
  4. Cronus       
  5. Atlas
  6. Prometheus--start here THURSDAY
  7. Zeus
  8. Hera
  9. Poseidon
  10. Hades
  11. Athena
  12. Aphrodite
  13. Hephaestus
  14. Ares
  15. Artemis
  16. Apollo
  17. Hermes
  18. Dionysus
  19. Demeter
  20. Persephone

We will hear about more  gods/goddesses tomorrow!

Homework for Tomorrow
  • Myth Beast Slideshow

Other Homework

  • Quizlet--Vocab List #3

Day 11
Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

When You Come In—Do these things before the tardy bell, please.
1.      Initial attendance on the clipboard on the front table.
2.      Get your vocab grid off the back table.

#1:  Vocabulary, Part I--Extra-Credit Vocab Sentences
  1. Have your orange vocab grid on your desk.  These are the words you can use for your extra credit sentences.
  2. Enter your extra credit vocab sentences here:
  3. If you have trouble accessing it, go to google drive, and click on “shared with me,” and you will see “Comp Strats” listed.  
  4. Click there, and you will see the spreadsheet.
  5. Reminder:  Be respectful.  This is a shared document.  Every keystroke you make is recorded.  Only write respectful, vocab-focused sentences here.

#2:  Vocabulary, Part II
  • Play quizlet vocab for fifteen minutes.  Time yourself.
  • Click on “Test,” and test yourself using NO true/false.  (Uncheck that box.)  How did you do?  If you get less than 85%, work on “SPELL” or “LEARN.”

#3:  Six-Way Paragraph
Six-Way Paragraph—Understanding a Passage in Six Different Ways
1.           Reading Strategy #1:  Read the questions first!  (Give yourself purpose.)
2.          Reading Strategy #2:  Consider the title, before, during and after reading.
3.          Reading Strategy #3:  Annotation (Talk to the text.)

Rats! Come get a copy of it off the back table.
1.      Complete this on your own.
2.     Use your strategies!
3.     WHEN YOU FINISH, READ YOUR BOOK UNTIL I stop you. Do not ask to leave the room right now—please and thank you!
4.   We will pair-share and check this the last part of the block.

  • #4:  Read and Relax = Thirty Minutes

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