Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Day Eight
Thursday, August 28th
Howdy, peeps!

When You Come In
  • Please sign in.  
  • Install the quizlet app on your phone now.  It’s free, and it takes two seconds.
  • Note-taking assignment was due at 8AM.

Papers Back / Folder Organization
  • Reading tan-ish
    • Archetype packet
    • How to Annotate
    • “How to Mark a Book” (when you get it back)
  • Vocabulary orange and white
    • orange vocab lists
    • white vocab lists
    • vocab quiz
  • Journals Notebook paper
  • 8/19 Whitman
  • 8/20 LeGuin
  • 8/22 Meaning-of-Life Quote
  • 8/26 Lessing or Wiesel

Big-Picture Thinking:  Archetypes!
  • Let’s look at plot together, since we haven’t talked about it as a class yet:
Where would you put these plots?
  1. High School Musical 1
  2. Finding Nemo
  3. Holes
  4. Star Wars
  5. The Dark Knight
  6. Inception
  7. Gravity
  8. She’s the Man
  9. Silver Linings Playbook
  10. Shrek

Big Ideas
  1. What are the four wells we draw from again and again--backbone lit?
  2. We keep telling the same stories over and over again--why?
  3. If you know what to look for, you’re  better able to see patterns in what you’re reading.
  4. The purpose of our work  in trios is to familiarize ourselves with literary archetypes in more detail.

Reading Assignment--...something else to help you see the patterns!
  • “How’d He Do That?”--Professor Foster
  • Write annotation directions on your packet, please.
    • Define words you don’t know (probably ten to fifteen)
    • Wiki allusions (references), then note
    • Annotate.
  • I’ll start you off by reading aloud, and then you’ll take over.

Annotation Conference
  • I’ll be calling you back one at a time to talk about your “How to Mark a Book” annotations.  When you get the call, come meet with me, please!  

  • Everybody Up!
  • You can have your vocab list out (the new one).

Journal Revision
  1. Re-read each of your four journals, then select one to revise for me to read:
    1. 8/19 Whitman
    2. 8/20 LeGuin
    3. 8/22 Meaning-of-Life Quote
    4. 8/26 Lessing or Wiesel
  2. Which one is the most interesting to you?
  3. Which one shows your most creative or strongest thinking?
  4. Go to schoology for submission.  Thanks!

Homework Assignment:   

  • Reading Critically--Advice to Harvard Freshmen (due 8AM Friday)


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