Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Day Nine
Happy Friday!  (August 29th)
Howdy, peeps!

When You Come In
  • Please sign in.  
  • Please get out your Professor Foster article, “How’d He Do That?”
  • Reading Critically--Advice to Harvard Freshmen was due at 8AM this morning.
  • I need the first fifteen minutes of class for businessy stuff--then I want to give you a broad overview of Greek Mythology.
  • Then you’re going to pick a Greek myth figure, and you’ll start researching him/her.

  1. Let me show you how materials are organized.  Please note especially the right-hand column, where upcoming items are listed.
  2. Go by your grade in schoology.  There is some syncing problem between schoology and powerschool, so the powerschool grade for this class is a little bit off.  Go by your grade in schoology.  Tech support is working on this issue.
  3. Read my comments to you on your assignments in schoology, especially note-taking websites assignment.
  4. Note-Taking Websites:  Did you bookmark the three you thought would be most helpful?  If not, do so now.

  • Play quizlet for a few minutes. (quiz Wednesday)

KW:  LAN School

Professor Foster's "How'd He Do That?"

  • ...something else to help you see the patterns! 
  • Tell me how what Professor Foster is saying is connected to Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology Intro
1.      A word about note-taking
2.     Literary Eras (may push until Tuesday)
3.     Unit Overview (may push until Tuesday)
4.     Introduction to Backbone Literature—Greek Mythology

Research Time from Now Until 9:35
1.      Read your yellow biography about your god/goddess.
2.     Highlight or annotate details you might want to use on your Barbie.
3.     Go to my blog, and click on the link for “Greek Mythology”.
4.     Do more research on those three sites, so you have plenty of vivid details for your Myth Barbie.

Homework for Tuesday
1.   Myth Barbie Presentation

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