Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014
First Block Only

Revision:  Class Poem Lines
Spend five considering the following:
  • Advice for Editing and Revising Poetry (in class folder)
  • Showing, not Telling (lessons all term)
  • Diction (lessons all term)

  1. Open your google doc with your class poem lines (Robot Typing).
  2. Revise this poem so that it’s one you’re proud of, making at least twenty changes.  This poem can become anything you want it to be!
  3. Bring all your knowledge, wisdom, and creativity to bear on this bad boy.
  4. When you think you’re finished revising, go to “file,” then “see revision history,” and make sure you have at least twenty changes.
  5. Leave it in the folder it’s already in for me to read.  Thanks!
  6. Hey, this could be a contender for your portfolio, right?

NOTE:  IF YOU WERE NOT HERE to do the Class Poem, you will revise a different piece, and put it in the Class Poem Lines Revision folder.  See me before you start work today.

HOMEWORK:  work on your portfolio!

@ 8:45, we'll go see our Writing Buddies!

Second block, we'll be with our Writing Buddies all class period.

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