Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Tuesday, 5/20, Checklist
  • Hello, and welcome to the last nine days of Creative Writing!
  • You have all of today’s classtime to work on the following.  What you don’t finish in class is homework, so work smart and focused.
  • I am using today to read and comment on your Fifty-Word stories, which you will be revising Thursday  Please use this checklist as your teacher today; this will give me time to read your work.  

  1. MAKE A COPY of this doc.  Don’t type on this one.
  2. Change the color of each item, as you complete it.
  3. Do the following items in order--no skipping.  Thanks!

  • Paper pass-back and folder log-in
  • What pieces have you written since your last folder inventory sheet?  I will list these here now; they should be in your manila folder:
  1. Name Poem
  2. Ogden Nash Poems
  3. Class Poem Lines Revision (in progress)
  4. Six-Word Stories/Memoirs
  5. Free piece (due 5/12)

Sharing Six-Word Memoirs/Stories

  1. Re-read the doc entitled, “Advice for Revising and Editing Poetry,” but don’t type on it.  Make a copy, if you want to type on it.  Use this advice this week as your revise your poems.
  2. Think back to Nick’s lesson on Friday.  What did we learn about other ways to revise?
    1. letter sounds
    2. words
    3. phrases/images
    4. line/sentence
    5. stanza
    6. whole poem
  3. Re-read your SENSE POEM.
  4. Read my comments to you, and consider them carefully.
  5. Get a rubric off the sign-in table, and start re-visioning your poem.  This is the FINAL DRAFT, the knock-out version that’s going in your portfolio.
  6. When you finish revising your SENSE POEM, complete the rubric, then turn it in.
  7. Leave it in the class folder for me to read, please.

  • Read the e-mail I sent you last night in response to your portfolio progress.  
  • Reply to me via e-mail, and make sure you answer my questions in several sentences of detail, at least!
  • Homework Turn-In--E-mail me the link to your free assignment, due Monday, 5/12.  Here were the requirements, to refresh your memory:
Write a piece entirely of your own choosing.
  • 400 words (or more)
  • fiction, non-fiction, or poetry—your choice
  • MLA format at the top
  • Two sentences typed at the top of your piece, telling me THREE THINGS you want me to comment on.
  • Due when you walk into class Monday, 5/12

Portfolio Prep
  1. Go through your manila folder and your computer folder, and review ALL the work you’ve done this term.
  2. You need TEN for your portfolio, but for today, I want you to list at least SIX you feel represent your best work.
  3. Record them on the spreadsheet in the class folder called, “Portfolio Choices.”

Class Poem Line Typing
  • Come see me for directions.

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