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Monday, May 12th, 2014

Welcome to Creative Writing!       
Happy Monday!  May 12th, 2014

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.

Writing Buddies
Please put these dates on your calendar.  Don’t be absent!  L
1.      TOMORROW--Tuesday, May 13th
a.     Brad is a no-go.
2.     Thursday, May 15th
a.     Kailey M. has to be absent (1st).
3.     Wednesday, May 21st

Focus for the Last Sixteen Days
1.      Showing, Not Just Telling
2.     Revision
3.     Writing Buddies
4.     Portfolio

Revision:  Autobio Poem w/Rubric (final)
1.      Guidelines for Final Revision (posted in class google folder for your review): 
3.     Review of rubric (grading targets).
4.     Carefully read my comments on your second draft.
5.     Tell yourself, “This is a test, where I’m showing I know how to use everything I’ve learned in class thus far to revise my poem to a final draft.”
6.     Revise your poem.  (Leave it in the folder.)
7.     Thoughtfully fill out your rubric, and turn it in by the monkey.

Sharinig:  Ogden Nash Poems
1.      Read the poem for the writer you’re assigned.
2.     Fill out the rubric for each poem your read.  Be honest.
3.     Repeat for each person you’re assigned.
4.     Pass your completed comments back to the writer.
5.    Once you get your rubrics back, revise your Ogden Nash poems as needed, so you meet the grading targets.
6.     (We will read these poems to our writing buddies tomorrow.)

1.      Go to
2.     Complete the following assignments:
a.     Commas, Fragment, and Run-Ons
b.    Commonly Confused Words, Part II

9:20/11:00—Review Lesson Plan for Tomorrow
1.      You’re the teacher!
2.     I will print your Autobio Poem and your Ogden Nash poem.
3.     Here’s the plan (on the big screen).  I’ll have a printed copy for you tomorrow.
4.     Every man/woman for himself/herself?
5.     2nd Block—Decide who’s going where:
a.     Brokaw
b.    Conrad
6.     Willis, e-mail teachers with names!

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