Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Welcome to Creative Writing!
Happy Friday!

Willis:  Print freerice scores.
Print out dialogue stories later in the block.

Writing Buddies
Please put these dates on your calendar.  Don’t be absent!  L
1.      Tuesday, May 13th
2.     Thursday, May 15th
3.     Wednesday, May 21st

Homework Reminders—put homework in your phone.
·      Homework Due Today = 20,000 grains in free rice
·      Homework Due Monday = WE#7
·      Homework Due next Friday = 25,000 grains in free rice (last free rice assignment)

·      What you think you’re saying when you ask me, “What did I miss yesterday?
·      …what I’m actually hearing.
·      We have four weeks left together.  Be aware of your communication.

On the Partner Dialogue Stories
1.      Some stories had four comments, some had two.  Is this reasonable?
2.     What’s the solution?
3.     And why aren’t errors corrected?
4.    What were two of our big goals for this assignment?
How Do I Know if I’ve Finished This Assignment
·      #1:  Have you written a specific, positive comment at the bottom of each story, and have you typed your name next to it?
·      #2:  Have you and your partner academically discussed the story, then made editing corrections as needed?
--Then you’re done.  Turn your sheet in at my table, please.

Poetry Quiz
1.      NOTE:  If you want to play quizlet for ten to fifteen minutes before you take the quiz, do so here:
2.     Come back to my table, and pick up the quizlet poetry quiz.
3.     Take it, then get the key from me, and grade your quiz.
4.    If you score eighty percent or above, I’ll put it in the gradebook.
5.     If you score below that, quizlet online, then re-take the quiz next week.

Writing Workshop Time = Create Writing Experiment #7, Personal Essay—due MONDAY
·      Look at yesterday’s blog (Thursday) for directions.

9:10/10:50--Portolio Slideshow!

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