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Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Welcome to Creative Writing!
Happy Tuesday, April 1st

Hello, lovelies.  I'm home sick today.  Here's what I'd like you to do:

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Cliché Story Work  Time = 
1st Block:  8:15-9:15

2nd Block:  9:55-10:55

Big Picture--review all the following material below with your partner.  

Copy and paste the Cliché Trio Story Requirements/Grading into the top of your story.

Cliché Trio Story Requirements/Grading
1.      We used as many clichés as possible to create a fictional story.
2.     We boldfaced the clichés so they stand out from the story.
3.     We used least four sentences of dialogue in quotation marks.
4.     Type between one and one and a half pages.
5.     We doublespaced our story.
6.     We used paragraphs to indicate shifting ideas.


REVIEW WITH YOUR PARTNER:  Collaborative Writing Assignment:  Cliché Story
·      Model—Begin with the End in Mind!--“Damsel in Distress” (on google class folder)
·      Literary Archetypes (on google class folder)

NOTE:  What we are about to perform is an exorcism:
**An exorcism:   “the expulsion or attempted expulsion of an evil spirit from a person or place.”
**To exorcise:  “drive out or attempt to drive out (an evil spirit) from a person or place.”

Reminder:  The only acceptable places to be on your computer today are as follows:
1.      The blog
2.     The sites/links on the blog
3.—bookmark it now, peeps!
4.     Google drive
Note #1:        NO MUSIC today—you are working with a partner; headphones, earbuds, cell phones—stow those away now.
Note #2:      If LAN School tells me you are any place else, you lose half-credit on your daily assignment, which cannot be made up.  Make sure you are on WCSD—STUDENT so your computer is visible to me; otherwise, you lose half-credit as well.

Writing Workshop Time:  Cliché Story  (You've already done most of this.)
1.        One person in the pair CREATE a new google doc in the “Cliché Pair Story” in our class Creative Writing folder.
2.       Rename your doc this:  Your Two Last Names—Cliché Story
3.       Read each other your list of fifteen clichés.
4.       Mark any clichés on pages 8 and 9 you might want to use.
5.       Talk about a possible conflict, or a character.
6.       Start typing your story!
7.       Both people type!
Helper Doc #1:  “Damsel in Distress” story
Helper Doc #2:  Literary Archetypes

(1st block = 9:15-9:35; 2nd block = 10:55-11:20)  Reading Assignment:  Earthbook
1.      Read and relax .  (This means you read for enjoyment.)  :-)
2.     If you’re reading a piece, and you stop enjoying it, turn the page!
3.     Did you find a piece you though was really strong?  Or really funny?  Then record it on your worksheet.
4.     NOTE:  Make sure your reason for selecting it is a well-constructed, detailed, two sentences for each piece you pick.
TURN THIS IN to the sub by the end of the block.  THANKS!

IF TIME REMAINS--Poetry Vocab—Quizlet!
·      Why?  …so we all have a common vocabulary to talk about poetry.  You will use these later this week when you revise (application) your Ghosts, Monsters an Bullies.
Study the poetry vocab:

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