Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Welcome to Creative Writing!  J
Monday, March 3rd, 2014
Ø When you come in:  sign in, and get your manila folder off the front table.  Thanks!

Folder Organization
1.      Recycle the Portfolio Possibilities yellow sheets from your manila folder.
2.     Give me any extra small group sharing forms.
3.     Come get a neon green sheet of what pieces should be in your folder now.
4.  Take everything out of your folder.  Using your new list, check off everything you have in your hand (printed).

Papers Back/Reflect on Comments
1.      Pass back papers with yellow sheet comments.
2.     Check off your items you’re getting back from small group reading (two to three pieces).
3.     Highlight any items you do not have paper copies of now.
4.     Read all your yellow sheet comments.
5.     Fill out the form on the blog when you finish reading.  Here’s what I’m going to want you to tell me:
a.          What comment was most helpful to you.  Why?  Who made it?
b.          What comment surprised you the most?  Why?  Who made it?
c.           How will you use the information you got on your yellow sheets when you revise?
6.     Now print anything you’ve completed, but don’t have a physical copy of.
When You Complete the Survey
Ø  Continue typing on your Musical Memory (from Friday).  You will not have much time, what you do in class means less homework, so focus on the Musical Memory now for the next few minutes.
Ø  Here are the requirements from Friday’s blog:

Writing Assignment: Musical Memory (page 51)
1.        Read the requirements at the top of the page.
2.       Read AT LEAST THREE of the Musical Memory Models in google drive—begin with the end in mind:
a.     Anderson
b.    Horak
c.     Lillie
d.    Lebsack
e.     Marek
f.      Powers
g.    Wellington
h.    Thomas
3.       Your length requirement is 400 words, miminum, but I’m guessing many of you will write much more.
4.       One other person will read this and comment on it (peer conference).  E-mail me as soon as we start work time the following:
a.     Name of anyone you do not feel comfortable working with
b.    Name of two people you would prefer to read your memoir, if possible—no guarantees whatsoever
5.       Think about your song and your memory.
6.       Start typing!
7.       Print, front/back, to the Media Center when you feel you’ve finished telling your memoir story.
8.       Play Free Rice.  I’ll send someone down in a bit to collect all of the printouts.

2:30--Portfolio Preparation
Ø Portfolio Group Discussion (handout)
o   Ending about 2:55-ish
1.     @ 2:55—Put your worksheet on the chair.
2.    Put your orange Portfolio Packet in your own personal binder.
3.    Get items passed back to you from the printer.  CHECK THESE OFF YOUR GREEN SHEET, then put them in you folder.
4.   Return your folder to the black holder in the middle of the room now.

3:00--Writing Assignment:  Ogden Nash Poems (p. 60)
Writing Assignment:  Ogden Nash Poems
1.      Let’s read some little poems by writer Ogden Nash
2.     What elements do you notice Nash using in many of the poems?
3.     Why would these appeal to a kiddo?
4.     Write three Ogden Nash Poems of your own, with these elements in each:
a.     Humor
b.    Animals or other topics children like
c.     Word-play
d.    Rhyme:
e.     Listen to the rhythm (number of syllables in each line).  Do you need to substitute any words so the flow is better?
f.      Is every word a strong one?  Use your Vocab Variety and for help.
g.    length = two to eight lines for each poem
h.    a title that adds a dimension to the poem

1.   Finish Musical Memory to 400 words, and print out to bring to class with you tomorrow.
2.  Free Rice (25,000 grains for Friday)

Turbo-Advanced Creative Writing
March 3, 2014

Assignment Turn-In
1.      Please turn in your completed Autobio Poem rubric on my table by my monkey.  Thanks!
2.     Please grab your manila folder off the sign in table.  Thanks!

Writing Buddies
Ø  Do we have enough lesson plans and activities to last for Wednesday?

Paper Pass-Back
1.      Folders

Quiet Reflection Time
1.      Read your thank-you e-mails.  You do not need to reply to these—I just want you to see your work is appreciated.
2.     Check the “USED, 2014” folder!  Read my comments on the following:
a.     six-word memoirs.
b.    Revision of class poem lines.
3.         Started @ 11:25; ending about 11:30-ish

Small Group Sharing Prep
1.      Peruse the items in your folder.
2.     Re-read/Read for the first time your yellow sheet comments. (And let me tell you why I am NOT having you reflect on these.)
2.     Which pieces do you still want to read aloud for comments?
3.     Review your ORANGE SHEET—you might still have enough on there to read.
4.     Take your notecard, and put your phone and your notecard on the sign-in table as a hostage.
5.     How does the small sharing group work? (review)

When You Return
1.     Staple the yellow sheets on the back of each piece you read.
2.     Return the pieces to your folder.
3.     Return unused yellow sheets to the box.
4.     Put your folder in the black metal folder-holder (on stool).
5.     Pick up your phone!  J

Reflection (on google drive)

1.      Go to our class folder, and open the doc entitled “Reflection Questions.” 
2.     Follow the directions.

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