Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday, February 28th, 2014

Creative Writing
Happy Friday, February 28th, 2014!

Note:  Do not ask me about make-up work today.  It will be in the gradebook as soon as I grade it.  If you don’t see a grade in the gradebook, I haven’t read it yet.  Thanks.

Plan for Today—Front-Loaded!

Poetry Vocabulary
·      Study quizlet for fifteen minutes; quiz to follow.
·      (Or if you’re ready to take the quiz now, you may do so.)
·    Click here:

1.      Record free rice grains.

When You Finish the Quiz = Quiet Work Time on Only What’s Listed Below

Finish Typing Thank-You E-mails
1.      You need to complete three (ideally) thank-you e-mails to the people who read the following:
a.     Around the Block Poem
b.    Ghosts, Monsters, Bullies Poem
c.     Russian Tailor Poem
2.     Check my list—pinned to the white board under the flag--to see how many I have you credited as sending already. 
3.     Read carefully the comments you received over each poem.
4.     Check your school g-mail, and see who you already wrote your thank-you e-mails to.
5.     Write any and all remaining e-mails you need to complete this graded assignment.

Dear Erica:

I would like to thank you for reading my Around the Block Poem.

I particularly appreciate these two comments you made:

1) all the comments about punctation. I wasn't sure where and how to punctate a poem.

2) The comment about the line "thick lather of soap" I had a hard time coming up with something to put there. I am glad you liked it.

Jordan Stout

NOTE:  If one of these three poems is saved in the correct google folder, but nobody in ACW conferenced if for you, sign the white board now with your name and the assignment.

Assignment Turn-In
·      Click here to hand in WE #7 (which should already be completed, so do not work on it now, please and thank you):

Writing Assignment: Musical Memory (page 51)
1.        Read the requirements at the top of the page.
2.       Read AT LEAST THREE of the Musical Memory Models in google drive—begin with the end in mind:
a.     Anderson
b.    Horak
c.     Lillie
d.    Lebsack
e.     Marek
f.      Powers
g.    Wellington
h.    Thomas
3.       Your length requirement is 400 words, miminum, but I’m guessing many of you will write much more.
4.       One other person will read this and comment on it (peer conference).  E-mail me as soon as we start work time the following:
a.     Name of anyone you do not feel comfortable working with
b.    Name of two people you would prefer to read your memoir, if possible—no guarantees whatsoever
5.       Think about your song and your memory.
6.       Start typing!
7.       Print, front/back, to the Media Center when you feel you’ve finished telling your memoir story.
8.       Play Free Rice.  I’ll send someone down in a bit to collect all of the printouts.


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