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Tuesday, February 11th, 2014--Late Start

Welcome to Creative Writing!  J
Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

When You Come In
1.           Sign in.

Death of Language—due THURSDAY!
·       Review your scores on the Progress Check half-sheets I gave you back Friday.
·       Review page 21—which we fill out THURSDAY, when this assignment is due.
·       Look in the class folder at Hennigan and Hamilton’s model, if you’re still unsure what this assignment should look like.

Diction Practice—Click on the link on my blog!
1.      Play free rice at your BEST LEVEL (not starting over at Level 1) when you finish.
2.     10,000 grains are due by Thursday, February 13th, 2014.

2nd = 1:05-2:10
4th = 2:15-3:20

Writing Lesson #8:  Think about a word’s CONNOTATION, as well as its DENOTATION.
Review earlier lessons quickety-quick, to see where this fits in.
1.      Get out your Vocabulary Variety sheet, and look at the pairs you picked out--words that are synonyms, but that create different images in your mind.
2.     Think about which one sounds more positive, and which one sounds more negative.  (Not all pairs will work in this way, but we’ll take a look at a few.)
a.     Sweet and sugary
b.    Scented and odorous
c.     Spotted and freckled
d.    Fragile and tender
e.    athlete and jock
attractive            hot      beautiful       good-looking           
                              gorgeous       cute    pretty            booty-licious

attractive            hot                  yummy          handsome
delicious              fine                 sexy                beautiful
gorgeous eye-appealing

f.     attractive     beautiful or hot or appealing or gorgeous or hermosa or eye-pleasing or good-looking or
g.   attractive            hot or handsome or good-looking or drop-dead sexy or cute or foxy or smoking or eye-pleasing or hunky

3.  Overweight” —spectrum from positive to negative.  Reminder:  this is an academic discussion of connotation versus denotation—not a reason to be inappropriate and/or offensive.  Put yourself on a five-second delay.
4. List as many SYNONYMS as you can think of for “overweight.”
a.  Make sure they are not slang.
b. Make sure they are adjectives.

Denotation Definition
  the literal or primary meaning of a word

Connotation Definition
  an idea or feeling that a word invokes in addition to its literal or primary meaning.
  synonyms:           overtone, undertone, undercurrent, implication, hidden meaning, nuance, hint, echo, association, suggestion, insinuation
  what makes a word “loaded”

Writing Lesson Practice, Activity 1
What Are You Suggesting? (yellow page 26)
1.     You’re going to attack this assignment with a partner I’ve selected for you.
2.     Use your Vocab Variety sheet for help, as needed.
·      Perfumed                              odorous
·      Dotted                                   blotched
·      Shiny                                      flashy
·      Curved                                   wavy
·      Buttery                                  oily

Reminders About Your Work with Your Partner
and About Your Responses
1.     Be appropriate and kind.
2.     We’ll share out with the whole class.

MORE POSITIVE                               MORE NEGATIVE 
·      Perfumed                              odorous
·      Dotted                                   blotched
·      Shiny                                      flashy
·      Curved                                   wavy
·      Buttery                                  oily
·      Smart                                     brainy
·      Smooth                                 slick
·      University                             college
·      Erase                                      delete
·      ignoramus                             dummy
·      head-strong                          stubborn
·      unripe                                    raw
·      elderly                                   old
2.     spicy                                       peppery
3.     ugly                                         hideous
4.    Shout                                      yell
5.     Singe                                      burn
6.    dirty                                       filthy
7.     crazy                                      insane
8.    hilarious                                 funny
9.    passionate                             obsessive
10.  musician                                band geek
11.   broken                                   split
12.  Murmur                                  mutter
13.  Beautiful                               hot
14.  Well-liked                              popular
15.  Buttery                                  oily
16.  Uncooked                             raw
17.  Rough                                    Sandy
18.  Intelligent                             nerdy
19.  Speechless                           mute
20. Bright                                     smart
21.  Creative                                 weird
22.  Piercing                                 ear-splitting
23.  Bookish                                 nerdy
24. Creative                                 Imaginative
25.  Energetic                                 Hyper

26. To deteriorate                       To Rot

Welcome to TURBO-ACW!  J
Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

Form for submitting your Pinterest/Twitter Self-Evalutation:

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.    Grab 4 x 6 notecards (2), if you have not already done so.
2.     Lay out your photo (or have the photo viewable on your computer) and your page 49 on your desk so I can check it for a homework grade, please.

·       Big Word for the Week = MEMOIR!
·       Big Word from Last Week = DICTION!  Do you have your Vocab Variety sheet from when we did the class poem?

Writing Assignment Reminder (Out-of-Class)
       TWO Post Secret Post Cards are due WEDNESDAY, one to share, one to mail anonymously.

Writing Assignment:  Photo Memory       (15 minutes—explanation and discussion)
1.      Discuss the rubric (first rubric we’ve had this term) for the assignment. (p. 51)
2.     Discuss the four main focal points of this memoir.
a.     Conflict—battle between two opposing forces; realization; turning point; epiphany; problem; fight; struggle; obstacle; war; argument; difference; debate
b.     Climax—culmination of the action; highest, most intense part of the plot
c.     Setting—where and when the story occurs
d.     Mood—feeling reader gets from the story; atmosphere

·       Gavin 
·       Adam 

Pair-Share:  Photo Memory 
1.      With a partner, discuss your page 49.
a.     What is the heart of the story you want to tell?
b.     What are you looking forward to in creating this narrative?
c.     What are you worried about?
Started @ 11:40; ending about 11:55-ish

Note:  Keep the models going around, until everyone has a chance to flip through them, please.

Writing Workshop:  Photo Memory (twenty minutes)
       Started after lunch

1.      Two Post Secret Postcards for WEDNESDAY
2.     Photo Memory Memoir for FRIDAY

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