Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

APillionaries—Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013
·      The House on Mango Street, by Sandra Cisneros

Homework Due
1.      Put names on these, then put them in two piles on the heater:
a.     Page 7
b.    Quiz #2
2.     Regarding your annotations over all assigned pages:  I will take up your ENTIRE novella on Thursday to assess your annotations.  This will be a major homework grade.

Homework Due:  Final Draft of Poetry Definition Essay
Turn-In Order                                                    (2:00-2:30)
1.      On Top:  Printed copy of your reflection
2.     Second:  Rubric, completed thoughtfully with circles and justifications
3.     Third:     Final printed copy of essay
4.     Bottom:  Peer Conference rubric, filled out by your partner

Reflection and Self-Evaluation
1.      Type your Self-Evaluation.
a.     What I’m proudest of in this final draft performance—related to writing, thinking, time management
b.    What I learned about writing during this process (skill or skills)
c.     What I learned about myself as a writer during this process
2.     Print it, and staple it on top of your turn-in packet (directions above).
3.     Copy and paste it into our shared google doc

Vocabulary Note—Fiction Terms
Ø  There are new terms on quizlet—fiction terms, a whole bunch of them! 
Ø  Final vocab quiz = Thursday, 10/24/2013

Close Reading
1.      Re-read “Sally”, starting on page 81.
o   What does the text say?
o   What do you infer? 
§  Write an “I”, then write your inference next to what the text says.
§  Start @ 2:34; end @ ________(expectant look here)
2.      “What Sally Said” (pages 92-3)
3.     “The Monkey Garden” (pages 94-98)
o   Highlight (Yes, highlight!) any concrete detail you can visualize.  This is in addition to annotations.
Homework for Wednesday
1.      Read and annotate Mango, pages 92-end of the novel.
2.     When you get to page 99, “Red Clowns” turn to page 15 in your packet, and fill that in after you read the chapter.  (You will have to read this chapter twice.)

What’s Due Tomorrow
Ø  Yellow page 15, completely filled out with exact quotes for “Red Clowns”
Ø  Complete annotations for the whole novella

1.      Mango Assignments Listed Above
2.     Vocab War—final turn in on Thursday                              (10/24)
3.     Quizlet = Fiction Terms—quiz Tuesday, Term 2                 (10/29)

Creative Writing: 
Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

When You Come In
1.      Sign in.
2.     Grab your manila folder off the circle table.

Focus for the Last Three Days
1.      Showing, Not Just Telling
2.     Revision
3.     Portfolio

·      Question:  How many of you had ONE or more of your fifty-word stories turn out well enough to put in your portfolio?
·      I will get them back to you today during class.

Ø  Where can you find all information about the portfolio?
Ø  I still have:
o   Musical Memory        (revising them after lunch today)
o   Fifty-Word Stories    (getting those back today)
o   Around the Block Poem
Ø  We are STILL REVISING!  So don’t put a non-revised or non-edited piece in your portfolio.  The piece should be completely polished by the time you put it in there.
Ø  Review your Revision and Portfolio Checklist—say focused.

Revision Preparation    (Ten Percent of Entire Term Grade)
1.     Get out the following:
a.     pink revision direction sheet--re-read the requirements and expectations.  You are responsible for that information.
b.    ORANGE SHEET--look at the FOUR pieces you are revising for a grade.

Horror Story Reminder:
·      Let me share a horror story from last term.   It is sad, and you may cry a little….  Don’t be ashamed.

1.      Open up the four pieces you are revising for a grade.
2.     On the first one, open it and go to “File,” then “See Revision History”—do you see color everywhere, throughout the doc?
3.     Now change the title of your doc to this:  “Revision #1—The Title”
4.     Now, finally, save it to the correct folder in our class folder.
5.     Repeat for Revision #2, #3, and #4.

·      Continue REVISING one of the four pieces!
·      If you finish one revision, start the next one.  Good luck!

After Lunch
1.          Let’s continue REVISION now, and do the Musical Memory Revision tomorrow.  This will let you guys make good progress on having pieces polished and perfect for your portfolio.  Use your time, lovelies!  J
2.         I need quiet time at my desk to read for people.  Please e-mail a question, if you have one, and I’ll get back to you during seminar.
3.         If you FOR SURE are putting your fifty-word story in your portfolio, sign the white board by the big screen, please. 

CPR--Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

The House on Mango Street, by Sandra Cisneros

When You Come In
1.      Sign in.
2.     Put your name at the top of page 15, and put it on the heater.

Re-reading Quietly On Your Own (10 minutes)
1.      Review annotations from pages 64-end of novel
2.     Add to pages 8 and 9 (MOTIFS)
3.     Complete page 13 (STYLE ELEMENTS) in your packet. 
Start @ 8:14; ending at 8:24

Partner Discussion (Five Minutes)
Prep for Whole-Class Discussion—your partner can help you clarify your thinking, so you don’t jump the tracks during our class discussion (or during the final)
1.      “The Red Clowns”,  pages 99-100
2.     Page 15 in your packet
3.     What is EXPLICIT?  What is IMPLICIT?
Started 8:48; ended 8:53

Whole-Class Discussion—Practice for Thursday’s Socratic Fishbowl Final
1.      Stay IN THE TEXT. 
2.     And inference is a reasonable guess based on the information in the text. 
3.     Stay focused. 
4.     State only inferences that can be supported by the text. 
5.     If it cannot be supported by the text, do no say it!
6.    Be clear. 
7.     State your in thirty seconds. 

“Red Clowns”
1.      What actually happened to Esperanza?
a.     All the books and magazines told it wrong—she was assaulted, but not raped.  Magazines wouldn’t talk about sex.
b.    “What he did and where he touched me”—she did get raped.
c.     “I didn’t want it, Sally”—he raped her.
d.    “Sally, you lied; it wasn’t what you said at all.”  E wasn’t okay with everything that happened, but she and Sally had talked about it before.
e.     “dirty fingernails; sour breath; moon watching; boys ran away”—he raped her, and there were all these witnesses
f.      “He wouldn’t let me go.” 
g.     Maybe no definitive evidence, but she was definitely sexually assaulted.
h.    “Don’t make me tell it all.”—so maybe we’re not supposed to know for sure.
i.      “The one who grabbed me by the arm and wouldn’t let me go.”--force
2.     Were the clowns actually watching?
3.     What did Sally lie to her about?
a.     Sally says it’s great, but E. didn’t have that experience.
4.     What happened to Sally?
5.     Is the “big boy” Sally’s husband now?
6.    What books and movies make this sound okay?  (magazines)
7.     What happened when the “colors begin to whirl”?
8.    How many boy(s) were involved?
9.    Is Esperanza actually talking to Sally, or is this chapter just E. talking to us?
10.  Is the “big boy” derogatory?  Why?  He refers to her as a Spanish girl?
a.     The “big boy” is the one Sally went off with.
11.    Was Sally aware of what was happening to E?
12.   What makes Sally a liar?
13.   THE SKY TIPPED!  Look at the sky in the rest of the novel—really positive, an escape.  Now this motif is “tipping”—she’s losing her innocence.

Quiz, Pages 31-64
1.      You may use your annotations today.  So make sure your answers reflect this.
2.     Turn it in at my candle, when you finish.
Homework = Take-Home Quiz, Page 65- end of novel

1.      You may use your annotations.  Make sure your answers reflect this.
2.     You may not use any other people or resources of any kind.
3.     It is due at 8:10AM tomorrow morning.

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