Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday, October 18th, 2013

APillionaries--Friday, October 18th, 2013
·      The House on Mango Street, by Sandra Cisneros

Homework Due
1.  Put your name in big letters on the tops of the following pages, then put them in the correct folders on the heater, please.  I’ll have them back to you in a jiffy!
a.     Page 2
b.     Page 5
2.     Pick up your journal off the heater.
3.      Regarding your annotations over all assigned pages:  I will take up your ENTIRE novella on Tuesday to assess your annotations.  This will be a major homework grade.

Journal (ten minutes)                         (DAILY GRADE)
1.      USE THE WHOLE TIME!  You’re almost a college freshman—you should be able to write on demand, then then expand! 
2.     Review yesterday’s journal over self-definition and identity.
3.     Label:  Quick-Write Topic #2—Esperanza
4.     Write for ten minutes about who Esperanza is.  (Use your book as needed, and answer as many of the following questions as you can.)
a.     How did she get her name?
b.    What does her name mean?
c.     How does she feel about it?
d.    Who is she?
e.     Who does she want to be?
5.     If you finish early, and you’ve exhausted all possible topics for the above prompts, make a list of questions you have about the first third of the novella.
6.         Start @ 2:00; end @2:10
7.     When I call time, pair-share with the partner I give you.
8.     Write three sentences at the end of your partner’s journal that show a connection you made, or a comment you have.
9.     Trade papers back, and read each other’s comments.  J

Partner Journal Response
1.      Write your partner three sentences of specific comments, and aim for academic language in your writing. 
a.     At least three detailed sentences
                                      i.     Agree.
                                    ii.     Tell him/her if the journal made you think of a new idea/or something you hadn’t considered.
                                   iii.     Add on to an idea he/she says.
                                   iv.     Compliment their vocabulary—diction!
                                    v.     Disagree, respectfully.  J
                                   vi.     Relate to something
b.    Signed by you
c.     Trade back with your partner, and read your comments.
d.    Please put this by my candle for turn-in.
·      Make sure it’s open to this entry, and your name is written at the top of the page.

Re-reading Quietly On Your Own (________)
1.      Review your annotations from last night, pages 3-33.
2.     Start filling out page 8 (MOTIFS) and page 11 (STYLE ELEMENTS) in your packet.
Started at 2:48; ending at 2:55

Class Discussion and Trios                  (15 minutes)
1.      Compare your notes from page 8—borrow from each other, until everyone in the trio has all the blanks on page 8 filled in.
2.     Do the same for page 11.
3.     Let me hear your best academic discussion.
Start @ 2:57; ending @ 3:12

Quiz, then Quiet, Independent Work Time
1.      The rest of the block is dedicated work time for you.  Work your way down the list of items below—all the information you need should be there.
2.     If you have a question over any of the work, please come back to my table.

Reading Reminder—Annotation
1.      How Do We Annotate?  
a.     Mark metaphors and similes with a symbol.
b.    Ask questions
c.     Comment.
d.    Make inferences.
e.     Motifs (an idea or object that appears repeatedly)

Start Homework for Monday
1.      Read and annotate Mango, pages 31-64—quiz Monday:  you prepare for this by (a) reading and annotating, and (b) quizzing yourself tonight with the study guide questions (page 3 in yellow packet).
2.     Character chart—page 6
3.     Study Quizlet.

Vocabulary Note—Fiction Terms
Ø  There are new terms on quizlet—fiction terms, a whole bunch of them! 
Ø  Final vocab quiz = Thursday, 10/24/2013


1.      Mango Assignments Listed Above
2.     Create a final draft of your essay—due Monday (10/21)
3.     Vocab War—final turn in on Thursday                              (10/24)
4.     Quizlet = Fiction Terms—quiz Tuesday, Term 2                 (10/29)

Creative Writing: 
Friday, 10/18/2013

When You Come In
1.      Grab your manila folder off the circle table.
2.     E-mail me now if there is anyone you would rather not be paired with for the Musical Memory peer conference we’re doing later.  Otherwise, I will draw partners randomly.
3.     Pick up a green sheet and an orange sheet off the heater.

Focus for the Last Five Days
1.      Showing, Not Just Telling
2.     Revision
3.     Portfolio

Portfolio—Quick!  Help me keep this short!
Ø  Review and update ideas.
Ø  Where can you find all information about the portfolio?
Ø  Get a new checklist.
Ø  Pass back papers—check off what you have!
Ø  I still have:
o   Musical Memory
o   Fifty-Word Stories
o   Around the Block Poem
Ø  Fill out the portfolio and revision checklist.
Ø  We are STILL REVISING!  So don’t put a non-revised or non-edited piece in your portfolio.  The piece should be completely polished by the time you put it in there.

NOTE:  I will read your checklist today.  I’ll let you know if I see any problems.

1.      Right now, review your checklist, and tell me this:
2.     What is ONE piece you want me to read, then comment like crazy on? 
3.     I will also do a full edit of the piece, if you are using this piece for revision and/or portfolio.
4.     At the top of the piece you want me to read for Monday, write me a note at the top that tells me this:
a.     How you’re using this piece (revision; portfolio)
b.    WHY you want me to read this one
c.     That you have FOR SURE shared it with me on google drive  (Yes, I want the PAPER copy, and I want it shared with me.) 
5.     This is free help, people!  Take me up on it!

Peer Conferencing:  Musical Memory First Draft (Twenty Minutes)
1.      Get a handout called “Musical Memory Reading” off the heater.
2.     Grab your Musical Memory off the heater, and write “First Draft” on the top in big letters.
3.     Trade musical memories and sheets with the person I’ve assigned you.
4.     Follow the directions for the peer conference.
5.     Fill out the “Musical Memory Reading” sheet thoroughly.
6.    Started @ 11:55!

1.     Get out your pink revision sheet, and re-read the requirements and expectations.  You are responsible for that information.
2.     Get your ORANGE SHEET from the heater, and look at the FOUR pieces you are revising for a grade.
3.     On google drive, pull up one of your four revision choices, and revise until I stop you, please.  Remember, revisions are ten percent of your entire term grade.


·      Portfolio construction!
·      Revision on four pieces

Ø Friday, 10/18/2013

The House on Mango Street, by Sandra Cisneros

Homework Due
1.      Put your name in big letters on the top of PAGE 6, then put on the heater, please.  I’ll have them back to you in a jiffy!
a.     Page 6
2.     Regarding your annotations over all assigned pages:  I will take up your ENTIRE novella on Tuesday to assess your annotations.  This will be a major homework grade.

Quick-Write #3:  Freedom and Entrapment (page 16; #2)
1.      We will NOT pair-share this entry, but I would like to read it, so please place it by my candle when I call time.
2.     Start @ 8:30; ending about 8:40

Re-reading Quietly On Your Own (15 minutes)
1.      Review annotations from pages 30-64.
2.     Start filling out page 9 (MOTIFS) and page 12 (STYLE ELEMENTS) in your packet.
Ø  Start @8:44; end at 9:00-ish?  …a little sooner?  We’ll see.

Class Discussion and Trios                  (15 minutes)
1.      Compare your notes from all the following pages.  Borrow from each other, page until everyone in the trio has all the blanks on all the pages filled in:
a.     8
b.    9
c.     11
d.    12
2.     Let me hear your best academic discussion.
3.     Mason, Owen, and Logan = trio today
4.     Starting at 9:00; ending around 9:15-ish?

Put your questions on the white board, and we will talk about them Monday.

Quiz, Pages 3-30
1.      Turn it in at my candle, when you finish.
2.     Start the homework for Monday.

Homework for Monday
1.      Read and annotate Mango, pages 65-91.
2.     Fill out the Character Chart on page 7.
3.     Take the study guide quiz on page three (in your head) to see if you can answer all the questions.  This will mean you’re ready for any quiz.

Reading Reminder—Annotation
1.      Please annotate the following items as you read, in addition to your own brainy comments.
a.     Mark metaphors and similes with a symbol.
b.    Ask questions
c.     Comment.
d.    Make inferences.
e.     Motifs (an idea or object that appears repeatedly)

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