Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Creative Writing

  • We went to Stewart to work with our second-grade writing buddies!  :-) 

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AP English Peeps
Thursday, September 26th, 2013

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Reminder:  Impossible Thank-You Poem due w/final rubric on Friday
3.     Reminder:  23,000 grains of free rice due Monday.
4.     Please grab a TP-CASTT pink sheet off the back wooden table.

I’ll go over today’s plan on google drive momentarily.  J

1.     Discuss “Do Not Go Gentle….”

2.    Vocab Tracking

*   *   *   *

Hello, CPR!
Thursay, September 26th, 2013

Reminders—In Our Class Folder
1.      Renaissance and Reformation Study Guide
2.          Poetry Term List

Renaissance Viewing = “Horrible Histories”—Henry VIII

Poetry Explication
1.      TP-CASTT (Five in Vocab War groups)--“Sonnet LXXIII”—William Shakespeare
2.     Circle up!
3.     Class Discussion—use the monkey!
4.     New Poem
a.     Ten minutes to read and annotate
b.    TP-CASTT—do as much as you can until I call time
c.     Class Dicsussion—use the monkey!

8:55--Creative Writing:  Write Your Own Sonnet!
1.      Skeleton for writing your own sonnet (handout)
2.     Let’s create two lines of a class sonnet together, to see how long it might take.
a.     The skeletal possum clawed the trash can                               A
b.                                                                                                          B

9:05—Quiet Work Time
1.      Vocabulary Quiz
2.     Type your own original sonnet! J 
a.     Use RHYMEZONE.COM, and follow the rhyme scheme.
b.    Use iambic pentameter (ten syllables per line).
c.     You can use ANY SUBJECT YOU WANT, provided it’s classroom-appropriate, and preferably not about twerking or Miley Cyrus.
d.    Give it a strong title (not “My Sonnet”, etc.).  J
e.     At 8:10 tomorrow, you will share it on google drive with me and on other person in here for a peer conference.
3.     Free Rice (23,000 by Monday)

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