Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Welcome to Creative Writing!                 
Ø  Happy  Wednesday!—May 8th, 2013  J

Big Ideas for the Next Two Weeks
1.           Showing, Not Just Telling  (Writing Lesson #10)
2.     Diction—Have that Vocabulary Variety (Writing Lesson #3) sheet out every day! 
3.     Writing Buddies
4.    Revision (Writing Lesson #4)

1.      Difference between “literal” and “figurative” language—page 26.
2.     Diction (Sandra Cisneros—page 26)
3.     Vocabulary Variety—use this sheet every day.

Writing Lesson #10:  Showing, Not Just Telling--Imagery
1.      Imagery (Emily Bronte)—page 27
2.     Imagery (Hot Chocolate Sentence)--page 28
3.     Pair-share your quickety-quick!  Put a star AND YOUR INITIALS by your partner’s strongest IMAGERY!
4.    Find a new partner; repeat.
5.     Find a third and final partner; repeat.

Writing Assignment (Imagery and Diction)
1.      Sense Poem Models—begin with the end in mind
2.     Sense Poem Frame--page 65
3.     Models on my desktop

Writing Workshop (20 minutes for page 65, then typing)
1.      Sense Poem:  Fill out page 65, then create a thoughtful first draft, using Vocabulary Variety.
2.     Let me know when you finish, and I will give you a partner to share your draft with.
3.     Make five comments on your partner’s draft over the following:
a.     Imagery (all five senses)
b.    Diction (powerful, passionate word choice)
c.     Title
d.    Deleting any words that can be cut
e.    Last line

Revise Your Sense Poem
Make at least ten revisions (not just edits) using the following questions:
1.      What words could you add (connotation vs. denotation; favorite words; words with sounds)
2.     Can you add a metaphor or simile to show comparisons?
3.     What words can you cut?  (the smell of?)
4.     How can you build a little on each line you have?
5.     How specific and crisp can you be with your description?
6.     Is your title a knockout?
7.     Does your last line add a dimension to the piece?

Finish Up
Ø  Share this with me on google.

Ø Work on your Movie Frame assignment (due tomorrow when class starts).

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