Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Happy Wednesday!
Ø May 15th, 2013

Turn in all items to your file cabinet folder, please.  Thanks!

Big Ideas for the Next Two Weeks
1.           Showing, Not Just Telling  (Writing Lesson #10)
2.     Diction—Have that Vocabulary Variety (Writing Lesson #3) sheet out every day! 
3.     Revision (Writing Lesson #4)

Writing Lesson #11—Making Strong Paragraphs (Twenty Minutes)
1.      Beginning a New Paragraph—page 40.  Let’s read it aloud together.
2.     Now practice what you just learned:  put paragraphs into the excerpt from John Green on page 40.  Use the paragraph symbol to show where there should be a paragraph.
3.     If you finish before I call time, please read the directions for the Musical Memory Journal on page 41.  Thanks!
4.    Compare your answers with a partner I give you, making changes if needed.
5.     When you and your partner finish your discussion, come get the John Green’s paragraphs.  Discuss the following:
a.     How are yours similar?  Why?
b.    How are yours different?  Why?
6.    If you finish early, talk about possible songs you might use for page 41.
7.     Give me back the John Green page, after we talk about it as a whole class.
8.    Keep page 40 in your book for now.  I will take it for a grade when I take your book notes next week.  Thanks!

Writing Assignment: Musical Memory (p. 41) (Forty Minutes)
1.      Read the requirements at the top of the page.
2.     Your length requirement is 400 words, miminum.
3.     Read THREE of the Musical Memory Models in google drive—begin with the end in mind:
a.     Anderson
b.    Brock
c.     Horak
d.    Lebsack
e.    Lumberg
f.     Marek
g.    Recendez
h.    Thomas
4.    Think about your song and your memory.
5.     Start typing!
6.    You have thirty minutes to type, then print.
7.     Print your copy when you finish, then play Free Rice.  I’ll send someone down in a bit to collect all of the printouts.
8.    Where you can be (legally):
a.     Google drive
b.    Dictionary/snynonym finder
c.     Blog
d.    Grooveshark or pandora

Due Friday:  Diction Practice = Free Rice
Ø  Reminder #1:  Make SURE you click on the link on my blog for your class, and make sure that your class group is showing in the right corner of your screen when you play.  Otherwise, I cannot see your grains, and you will not receive any points.
Ø  Reminder #2:  Do not restart at Level 1 every time you play.  Start at the level you stopped at yesterday. 
Ø  DUE DATE: 25,000 grains by classtime Friday
Ø  Everyone should play for the rest of the block.  You will be at 25,000 by Friday!  J

End-of-Block Today, or Tomorrow--Peer Conferencing:  Musical Memory, First Draft (Twenty minutes)
1.      Get a green handout called “Musical Memory Reading” off the front circle table.
2.     Grab your Musical Memory off the heater.
3.     Trade musical memories and green sheets with the person I’ve assigned you.
4.    Follow the directions for the peer conference.
5.     Fill out the green sheet thoroughly.

Homework = FreeRice

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