Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Happy Tuesday!
Ø May 21st, 2013
When You Come In—Quiet Work Time to Do All This
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Grab a yellow week’s calendar (next to sign-in sheet) if you were absent yesterday.
3.     Grab your folder off the heater (or out of your bag, if you took it home this weekend).
4.     Review your Revision #3 and Revision #4 from Monday.  Make sure you inserted “Revision #3” or “Revision #4” in front of the original title. 
5.      Share your BEST revision (from #3 or #4) with me now on google drive, and I will discuss it with you during workshop time later today.
6.     Read your comments from your reader.  E-mail him/her and me a nice thank-you e-mail.
7.     Open up and review WE#10 and #11.  I only have time to read one this week.
8.     2nd Block Only:  (If I've already read your #10 and made extensive comments, you do NOT need to do this.)  E-mail me now, and tell me which one you’d rather have me read and make full comments on, please.  All you need to do in your google MAIL is type “#10” or “#11” in the subject line.  

2nd Start:  10:40
4th Start:  2:05
Revision #5  (Prose)
Do not choose the following
Ø Six-word memoirs
Ø Fifty-word stories
1.                       Select ONE of the prose (non-poem) pieces you know you want to make major revisions to, then include in your portfolio.
2.                      Open it up in google (or type it, if it is currently handwritten), and start making changes to make the piece stronger.
a.     Review my comments and/or your peer comments carefully, and think about how they could help you strengthen your piece.
b.    Strengthen the title.
c.     Add detail to show, instead of just tell.
d.    Cut unnecessary words and phrases.
e.     Switch items around as needed to create a smooth flow.
f.      Take out weak, non-descriptive words, and replace them with strong, precise words.  Use your Vocabulary Variety sheet.
g.    Include dialogue, if you feel that will strengthen the piece.
h.    Paragraph the piece so it’s reader-friendly.
3.                      Click on “File”, then “See Revision History”—does it look like you did substantial revision (AT LEAST fifteen changes)?
4.                      Then add the word “Revision #5” in front of your title.

Revision #6 (Poetry)
Do not choose the following to revise:
Ø Sense Poem
Ø Autobio Poem
Ø Ogden Nash Poem
Ø  Follow all the same steps above, except when you get to #4, type “Revision #6” in front of your title.

Last Five Minutes
Ø  If you have a piece you want read and peer conferenced for helpful comments, share it with me now, and write the name of the piece and your name on the white board.

1.      Quick-Revisions of the Following
a.     Ogden Nash
b.    Six-Word Memoirs
c.     Fifty-Word Stories
2.     Peer Conferencing
3.     Revision Grading Sheet

HOMEWORK:  Portfolio
Ø  Do everything you can to create your portfolio, short of laying in the final drafts of the ten (or more) pieces.

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