Thursday, May 9, 2013

Friday, May10th, 2013

Portfolio Discussion Groups (Twenty Minutes)
1.      Get out the yellow packet I handed you yesterday.
2.     Each group needs a pink Portfolio Discussion Sheet.
3.     Get into your groups (one in my library, one in Sam’s room, the rest in the room).
4.     Follow the directions on the sheet, then turn in your group’s sheet to Mrs. Wellman.

2nd Block Groups
Ø  Group 1:  Austin, Melissa, Ty, Ryan
Ø  Group 2:  Devin, Bryce, Marisa, McKenna
Ø  Group 3:  Tori, Nathan, Gabe, Kendal
Ø  Group 4:  Carly, Stephanie, Jannel,
Ø  Group 5:  Vanessa, Sydney, Ryker
o   NOTE:  Groups #4 and #5 should combine, if any of those peeps are absent.  All other groups should proceed as assigned.

4th Block Groups
Ø  Group 1:  Andre, Marino, Austin
Ø  Group 2:  Michelle, Keaton, Ashley
Ø  Group 3:  Owen, Meredith, Jack
Ø  Group 4:  Jazmin, Kali, Holly

Quiet, Independent Work Period
Thing #1:  The Fifty-Word Stories
1.      Get a handout from Mrs. Wellman.
2.     Read the directions and the models.  (You’ll need your computer, too.)
3.     Follow the directions to create your own fifty-word stories.
4.     Follow the directions for printing and turn-in.

Thing #2:  Diction Practice—Free Rice
1.      Play in our class group.
2.     You need 25,000 grains by next Friday.

1.      Select one of the following prompts.
2.     Type for at least 500 words (not exactly 500, or 507).  Put the word count by your name.
3.     Use good editing skills—paragraphs, no lower case “i”, etc.
4.     Doublespace.
5.     Share with me by classtime Monday.


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