Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Welcome to Creative Writing!                                
Ø  Thursday, April 4th

Before the Tardy Bell Rings
1.      Sign in.  Thank you!
2.     Get your Earliest Memory off the heater, and put it in the file cabinet folder.
3.     Turn in your EB page 6 in the file cabinet folder.

1.      These are the dates we’re going to Stewart and Lincoln to work with our writing buddies.  Do you see any conflicts?
a.     Friday, April 19th
b.    Tuesday, May 7th
c.     Tuesday, May 14th
d.    Wednesday, May 29th
2.     Pass back Cliché story comments—pass them to the next person, after you read them.

Writing Lessons Questions
Ø  Writing Lesson #1 was how and why to avoid clichés.
Ø  Writing Lesson #2 is how and why to use precise adjectives to create imagery in your writing.
o   What’s the connection between the two?

Writing Lesson #2:  Choosing Precise Adjectives (p. 17)
1.      Revise the sentences here to create a precise image in each sentence.
2.     Trade for two smileys and initials.
3.     Trade THREE TIMES.
4.     Share your STRONGEST answer when your number comes up.

Writing Lesson #3:  Diction
Vocabulary Variety (pink handout)
1.      Use it anytime you have a writing assignment.
2.     I need two volunteers, one at each door.
3.     Find pairs of words that are synonyms, but put a very different picture in your mind.  Be ready to explain the difference.
a.     Scamper and scramble
b.    Plummet and drop
c.     Sparkling and iridescent
d.    Dotted and freckled and spotted

Writing Experiment #5

1.    Select one of the following writing prompts.
2.    Type for 400 words ore more.  Put your word count in parentheses, next to your name, please.
3.    Paragraph for clarity (when you shift ideas)! 

DUE: Friday, 4/5/2013, printed and in the drawer when the tardy bell rings

Option 1:  This I Believe
Ø  You probably share a basic outlook on life with your friends.  However, most people have a few beliefs that would shock their friends.  Write about a belief of yours that annoys or surprises the people who are close to you.

Option 2:  Making a Comeback
Ø  According to the cliché,

Ø  “Every setback is an opportunity for a comeback.”

Ø  In your life, has this proven true?  Have you always recovered from setbacks?

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