Sunday, April 28, 2013

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Welcome to Creative Writing!                 
Ø  Happy Monday, April 29th!
Ø  Homework Due:  Writing Experiment #10 (choice of three prompts, as listed on Friday’s blog).

When You Come In
1.      Sign in on the clipboard, please!
2.     Say hello to Mr. Collins!
3.     Share your Writing Experiment #10 with me now (or not at all) on google drive, if you have not already done so. 
a.     Deadline for 2nd block = 9:55
b.    Deadline for 4th block = 1:25

Writing Lesson #9:  Making Strong Titles (thirty minutes)
1.     Read “Tips on Titles” on page 51.
2.     Grab an Earthbook, and use it to complete page 52, “Making Titles that are Better than this One.”
3.     Please hand in your pink sheet (page 52) to Mr. Collins, after making sure your name is on it.
4.    Apply this lesson
a.     Go to our class folder in google drive entitled “Stronger Titles”.  I have a spreadsheet with a few models for how your answers should look.
b.    Re-title FIVE of your current piece titles, making each one significantly stronger, and enter these on our class spreadsheet.
c.     Make sure you re-title your personal google doc, too!

Collaborative Writing Assignment:  Partner Dialogue Story (thirty minutes, maximum)
1.      Get with your partner.
2.     Review page 37 for the grading criteria.  Work today to make sure you’ve satisfied #1-#4 to the best of your ability.
3.     Review pages 32-6 for guidance with editing correctly.
4.     Open your story on google doc, and continue and complete your story by end-of-class.

Google Drive Hint from Mr. Passi:
Ø  Just highlight the word; then  press command + Shift + y, and you will have a pop-up screen with the word definition. I thought students might find this feature useful.

When You Finish Your Partner Dialogue Story Diction Practice = Free Rice (twenty minutes)
1.      Make sure you’re playing in our class group!
2.     20,000 grains are due by classtime Friday.

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