Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Welcome to Creative Writing!                          
Ø Happy Monday!  April 22, 2013

When You Come In
1.      Please initial next to your name on the clipboard.
2.     Grab a manila folder off the sign-in table, and keep it at your desk.
3.     Lay your WE#9 (Winning/Jumper/Rewing) assignment on my circle table.  Make sure your WORD COUNT is in parentheses, next to your name.
4.     Go get your Writing Buddy packet off the back table.

1.      Recycle the pink Writing Buddies Prep Sheet.  I will have a new sheet for you when we go on May 7th.
2.     Keep your second draft of the autobio poem out at your desk.  We’re revising it to final draft today, and you’ll staple this copy to the back of your final copy.
3.     Put your NAME POEM and your DRAWING in your manila folder.
4.     Write your name in big letters on BOTH SIDES of the tab on the manila folder.

Writing Assignment:  Free Write #3       (10 minutes)
1.      Write for ten to fifteen minutes in any format, over any topic.
2.     Use page 11, if you need help getting ideas.
3.     If you run out of steam on one idea, draw a line, and start a new one.
4.     Keep writing constantly—do not sit and think (or space off, but tell yourself you’re thinking). 

Organization--Unit One Review—Page 3
1.      What have we talked about so far?
2.     What writings have we done?
3.     What do we still have to think about, talk about, and write?
a.     Twenty-Question Quiz?
b.    Or Everybody Up?

Google Drive Hint from Mr. Passi:
Ø  Just highlight the word; then  press command + Shift + y, and you will have a pop-up screen with the word definition. I thought students might find this feature useful.

Revision:  Final Draft of Autobiographical Poem
1.      Read your second draft of the poem to yourself, and then I’m going to ask you five questions about it.
2.     The questions I’ll ask you are actually our rubric items.  Review the rubric with me now.
3.     We went through the rubric, and we graded our 2nd draft of the poem, and we thought about what we still need to work on in this final revision. 
4.     Take as much time as you need to revise your poem to a final draft.  (We will be reading these aloud in class Tuesday and Thursday.)
5.     Fill out the LEFT SIDE of the rubric with numbers, AND by filling in the blanks (reflection and self-assessment).
6.     Share it with me.
7.     Print your final copy.
8.     Also print the following
a.     Russian Tailor
b.    Around the Block

Turning It In
1.      Staple it in this order:
a.     Completed rubric
b.    Final draft
c.     Second draft (one you read to Writing Buddy Friday)
2.     Lay it on my circle table.
3.     Play free rice IN OUR CLASS GROUP!  (15,000 grains due by Friday)


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