Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Welcome to Creative Writing!
Tuesday, March 25th, 2013

When You Come In (Before Bell Rings)
1.     Please initial next to your name on the clipboard.
2.    Let me know if you’re going on the Choir Trip.

Writing Experiment #2
1.     Go to your google drive.
2.    Click on the red square that says "Create", then "Document".
3.    Head your paper with the MLA format (Look at your Around the Block poem, if you can’t remember.), then start typing your writing experiment (directions below).

Writing Experiment #2:  Grateful/Break Up/Dinner
1.     Select ONE of the following choices to write about.
2.    Type for the full twenty minutes.
3.    No one will read this but me.
4.   When I call time, do a word count of your document, and put type that in parentheses next to your name.
5.    Print to the Media Center, but do NOT go get it.  I will send one person down to collect them.
6.    Starting at ______; Ending at _______

#1:   I’m Grateful
Ø Even the dreariest, most awful weeks aren’t bad twenty-four hours a day.  Think of a few things that have happened this week that you’re grateful for.

#2:  Breaking Up
Ø Woody Allen once said,

“It’s better to be the leaver than the leavee.”

Do you agree?  Would you rather dump someone than get dumped yourself?  Which do you think is more painful?

#3:  Dinner Party
Ø If you could invite any three people from any period in history to a dinner party (food, conversation), whom would you invite?  Describe each person, and explain why you chose him or her.

Ø Read and comment on Free Write #1.
Ø …online portfolios.

Writing Lesson:  Clichés
1.     Clichés--page 12—what are they?  Why are they bad for our writing?
2.    Create anti-clichés (p. 12).  (Ten Minutes)            (Started ____; ending ____)
a.    It has to make sense! (be true)
b.   It has to be original.
c.    It has to put a picture in our heads!
3.    If you’ve done your best work, and you have time leftover, read Earthbook quietly for enjoyment, and fill out page 6.
4.   Trade three times for smileys.
a.    Read your partner’s ten anti-clichés.
b.   Put a smiley and your initials by the TWO you feel are strongest.
5.    Everyone share his/her best anti-cliché.
6.    Skim and scan pages 13-14, and do the following.
a.    Put a question mark by clichés you don’t understand,
b.   Put a smiley by ones you like (even though they’re cliché).
c.    Put a check-mark by the ones you’ve heard gazillions of times.
7.    NOW:  Pair-share your responses.
8.   I’ll explain any that are still unclear.

Homework:  Earthbook/Academic Fraud worksheet (page 7)
1.      The worksheet you need to complete is on page 7.  Fill in the pages I’m going to give you.
2.     Read the questions first (reading strategy).
3.     Read the pages listed to answer the questions and fill in the blanks.
4.     This is due when you come to class tomorrow (before the tardy bell rings).  I do not accept late work.

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