Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

When You Come In
1.      Sign in.
2.     Find a seat from the arrangement I’ve made to watch the movie.
3.     Put all your materials under your desk, except one sheet of notebook paper and a pen or pencil.
4.     Make sure your cell phone is off and stowed away.
5.     Go potty now—no leaving the room once the movie starts.

Viewing/Preparation for Perfect Moment
1.      Begin viewing at 1:10:45.
2.     Take notes over ten-minute segment.
3.     List each event you see that could be a Perfect Moment.  (You should list at least ten.)
4.     Class Discussion over your notes
5.     Finish watching movie

Writing Assignment:  Perfect Moment
1.      Perfect Moment Prep (page 62)
2.     Perfect Moment Memoir Models (page 63)
2nd Block: we completed page 62, and most people started typing a first draft.

1.      Pass back papers. 
2.     Also, here’s your last blue sheet for your manila folder.

Ø  Revision #2 (Prose)
We all got the pink sheet out of or manila folder, and we looked at what we're revising for prose.
Note:  you should have already revised Prose #1 in class on Friday.  If you didn't do that, you are behind.
  This is the time to SHOW EVERYTHING YOU’VE LEARNED this term, so do your best work!
***Make at least ten revisions to this document—not just edits, but revisions:
a.     Add words and sentences.
b.     Take words and sentences out.
c.     Switch words and sentences around.
d.     Take out words and sentences, and replace them with others.
e.    Show, instead of just telling.
f.     Use diction (vocabulary variety) to create the strongest writing you can.

Ø  Portfolio


Five Days Remaining (including last day for portfolio viewing)

Ø  Portfolios are due TUESDAY, MARCH 19th

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