Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday, March 4th, 2012

Welcome to Creative Writing! 
Monday, March 4th, 2013

When You Come In
1.    Please sign in.
2.    Please get your homework organized and stapled.
3.    Prompt Word Poem, rubric stapled on top and filled out
4.    Snapshot poem—NO RUBRIC FILLED OUT!
5.    Do not talk during announcements (2nd Block).

Big Picture for Today—Organization and Independence
1.    On the white board, you will see the pieces I need to meet with you about this week.  Some pieces you will be revising as well.  Obviously, I need all of today’s class period to talk with you individually.
2.    Be on task—you have plenty to do.
3.    Use your computer as a tool, not a toy.  If you’re anywhere other than the following (according to LAN School), you will receive a zero for the assignments today.
a.     Blog
b.    Google drive
c.     Online dictionary/synonym finder
d.    Grooveshark or Pandora
e.     Free rice

Peer Conference:  Prompt Word Poem Trade and Grade
Ø  Follow all directions.

When You Finish
Ø  Play free rice. 
o   7,000 grains are due by Wednesday.

Peer Conference:  Snapshot Poem Peer Conference
Ø  Follow all directions.

Workshop Time
1.    Revise and finalize your Snapshot Poem.  (The final draft will be graded by me.)
2.    Freerice

Last Ten Minutes
Ø  Portfolio Reminder:  review and refine your ideas; explain more as needed.

Ø  Portfolios are due TUESDAY, MARCH 19th

Ø  Did you complete both items listed above under “Workshop Time”?

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