Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ø  Writing Lesson #1:  Avoid clichés!
Ø  Writing Lesson #2:  Using Precise Words
Ø  Writing Lesson #3:  Vocabulary Variety
Ø  Writing Lesson #4:  Connotation versus Denotation
Ø  Writing Lesson #5:  Advice for Revising and Editing Poetry
Ø  Writing Lesson #6:  Writing and Editing Dialogue
Ø  Writing Lesson #7:  Paragraphing
Ø  Writing Lesson #8:  Making Strong Titles
Ø  Writing Lesson #9:  Showing, Not Just Telling
o   Diction
o   Literal versus Figurative Language
o   Imagery
Ø  Writing Lesson #10:  Creating Strong Line Breaks

Welcome to Creative Writing! 
Wednesday, February 27th,  2013
LATE START DUE TO WEATHER; all blocks shortened except 3rd

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in, and grab a pink sheet.
2.     Get your Revised Russian Tailor Poem off the heater.
3.     Get out your Advice for Revising and Editing Poetry.

(20 minutes)  Peer Conferencing:  Russian Tailor Trade-and-Grade (handout)
1.      Take a look a marked up poem; remind ourselves what our poem should look like at the end of a thoughtful, careful peer conference.
2.     Checklist explanation
3.     Partner Assignment
4.     Follow the directions at the bottom of the sheet for turn-in.  Please do not ask, “Do we turn this in when we’re done,” etc.
5.     As soon as you complete your thoughtful peer conference, pick up a copy of the Prompt Word Poem Rubric, and start working on that.

2nd and 3rd Blocks
Revised Russian Tailor w/Completed Orange rubric (from Monday’s blog, if you don’t know what I’m talking about)

I do not have Revised Russian Tailor poems and rubrics from the following people.  You can print yours now, and conference with someone else on the list.  Or, if you haven’t completed this assignment, you should start working on the Prompt Word Poem.
1.    Nick
2.    Ian

1.    Halie
2.    Chris
3.    Shaun

(20 Minutes)  Workshop Time = Prompt Word Poem
Ø Prompt Word Poem
1.     Review:  what did we learn from Lauren Carter’s model yesterday?
2.    Review:  what did we learn about line breaks and endlines?
3.    Get a copy of the rubric, and begin with the end in mind.
4.   Due Thursday, when you walk in—we’ll be trading them with a partner

Acceptable Places to Be Online
1.      Word list
2.     Google drive
3.     Dictionary/synonym finder
4.     Blog
5.     Grooveshark or Pandora

 w/me in library = read aloud and poem conference over Childhood Fear

(20 Minutes) Portfolio Reminder
Portfolio Discussion Sheet

4th Block Only
Writing Assignment (Imagery and Diction)
 Sense Poem (page 65)
Updated Sense Poems (Jake’s and Bryton’s)

Writing Workshop (20 minutes for page 65, then typing)
1.      Sense Poem:  Fill out page 65, then create a thoughtful first draft, using Vocabulary Variety.
2.     Print a hard copy, and I’ll send someone over in a bit to pick them up.

Homework for Thursday

  1. Select one of the following prompts.
  2. Type for 450 words or more.
  3. Use MLA format for heading
  4. Put the final word count in parentheses next to your name.
  5. Use paragraphs effectively.
  6. Use solid editing skills--no grammatical errors.

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