Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Ø  Writing Lesson #1:  Avoid clichés!
Ø  Writing Lesson #2:  Using Precise Words
Ø  Writing Lesson #3:  Vocabulary Variety
Ø  Writing Lesson #4:  Connotation versus Denotation
Ø  Writing Lesson #5:  Advice for Revising and Editing Poetry
Ø  Writing Lesson #6:  Writing and Editing Dialogue
Ø  Writing Lesson #7:  Paragraphing
Ø  Writing Lesson #8:  Making Strong Titles
Ø  Writing Lesson #9:  Showing, Not Just Telling
o   Diction
o   Literal versus Figurative Language
o   Imagery

Welcome to Creative Writing! 
Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Homework Due Online
Ø  900 grains of rice.

Computer Chore
1.      Print your Around the Block poem to the Media Center (front/back).
2.     I’ll send someone down later for it.
3.     Bag your computer! 

Big Ideas for the Week (Next Five Days)
1.      Showing, Not Just Telling
2.     Diction—Have that Vocabulary Variety sheet out every day! 
3.     Revision!

1.     Difference between “literal” and “figurative” language—page 26.
2.     Diction (Sandra Cisneros—page 26)
3.     Vocabulary Variety—use this sheet every day.

Writing Lesson #9:  Showing, Not Just Telling--Imagery
1.     Imagery (Emily Bronte)—page 27
2.     Imagery (Hot Chocolate Sentence)--page 28
3.     Pair-share your quickety-quick!  Put a star AND YOUR INITIALS by your partner’s strongest IMAGERY!
4.    Find a new partner; repeat.
5.     Find a third and final partner; repeat.

Writing Lesson #8:  Making Strong Titles
1.      Re-read our tips:  page 52.
2.     Review Stronger Titles on google. 
3.     Draw four numbers.  Make your specific, academic comment about what is making that title  stronger.
4.     Please recylcle your little numbers in the blue recycle bin.
5.    When you finish click on my 3rd Block  blog link for free rice, and play until I stop you at 12:55-ish.
6.     Me:  (Give people credit for posting twice in gradebook.)

Writing Assignment (Imagery and Diction)
Ø  Sense Poem (page 65)

Writing Workshop (20 minutes for page 65, then typing)
1.     Sense Poem:  Fill out page 65, then create a thoughtful first draft, using Vocabulary Variety.
2.     Print a hard copy, and I’ll send someone over in a bit to pick them up.

If you finish early, you can start on the homework:
Ø  Freerice = 1,800 grains total by Wednesday classtime

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