Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday, 2/5/2013

Welcome to Creative Writing! 
Happy Tuesday!—February 5, 2013
When You Come In
1)     Yes, I know it smells like poo!  I don’t know why!  L
2)     Please sign in.
3)     Please turn in your packet to the file cabinet folder.
4)    Please read over my comments on your six-word memoirs (on your desk), then put that packet in a safe place.

Free Write #4       (10-15 minutes)
1.      Write for ten to fifteen minutes in any format, over any topic.
2.     Use page 11, if you need help getting ideas.
3.     If you run out of steam on one idea, draw a line, and start a new one.
4.     Keep writing constantly—do not sit and think (or space off, but tell yourself you’re thinking).  J
5.     Start @ 9:55; end @ 10:10-ish

1.      How did diction affect your writing of the six-word memoirs?
2.     Share one of yours aloud now for claps.
3.     Please and thank you!

Writing Lesson #4:  Connotation versus Denotation
1)     Remember how we said some words are loaded, that they have baggage, that they have CONNOTATIONS that have to do with our own personal associations?
2)     Well, turn to page 22, to “Playing with Words”, then take a look at the examples I have on the big screen.  Do you see how people are basing their choices on the CONNOTATIONS of the words, instead of the DENOTATIONS?
3)     I’m going to give you five minutes to fill in as many words as you can.  You CAN USE any of the twenty words you listed for Death of Language.
4)    We’ll share out our best word from each category.
5)     Feel free to borrow!  Once you write them down, they’re yours to keep and use!  ;-)

Writing Experiment #9: 
Ghosts, Monsters and Bullies (poem)

What did you fear when you were young?
Ø  Spiders?                                                                    
Ø  The dark?
Ø  Zombies?
Ø  The vacuum?
Ø  Clowns?

Tell me one thing you remember fearing when you were young:
Ø  Haunted houses
Ø  Pigeons
Ø  Being alone
Ø  Shadows
Ø  Needles
Ø  The dark
Ø  Coyotes
Ø  Spiders
Ø  Heights
Ø  Fish
Ø  Tall buildings
Ø  Clowns
Ø  Bulls
Ø  Gorillas
Ø  Death

Write a poem about one of your childhood fears.
1)     Type a poem that tells a story about a time you were afraid as a child.
2)     Name it “Your Last Name—WE#9--Childhood Fear Poem”
3)     Use MLA format for heading.
4)    Try to get at least twenty lines.
5)     Use your pink sheet for help with diction!
6)    This poem will be read by ONE other person in this room.
7)     Work Time = scant 20 minutes
8)    Starting @ 10:55-11:05?
*   *   *   *

Here's a model I read in class today:


I lay in bed
Grip the covers tight
I stare at the closet
Waiting for the door to open
He will come out
Snatch me away
So I will never see my family again
He hides in the shadows, the dark and the night
Waiting to frighten me.
I ease off to sleep
The closet door moves
Out he comes
Fang teeth, furry body, sharp claws
I scream
Mom runs down to comfort me
Telling me it’s just a dream
The closet door closes
But mom can’t see
He will be back tomorrow night
Back to scare me.

Kodey S.

Peer Conferencing
Ø  Oftentimes a story or poem begins by answering a question.  Some questions make you want to write more than others.
Ø  I will assign you a partner.
1)     Share your poem with that person on google docs.
2)     Carefully read your partner’s poem.
4)    At the bottom of the poem, TYPE THREE QUESTIONS you have about what’s happening in the poem.
5)     If you can’t ask three questions, then insert three more comments.
6)    Make any editing corrections (cosmetic stuff) that you see need it.

Homework:  COMPLETE YOUR PEER CONFERENCE, items #1-6 above.

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