Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Welcome to Creative Writing! 
Happy Thursday!—February 7, 2013

When You Come In
1)     Please sign in.
2)     Grab a mid-term half-sheet off the sign-in table.

#1     Organization
1.      Let’s fill out the mid-term now.
2.     I’d like to attach your Childhood Fear Poem to it at the end of class today.
3.     KEEP EVERYTHING until the end of the block.  I’ll tell you when.

Ø  Reminder:  The only acceptable places to be on your computer today are as follows:
o   The blog
o   The sites/links on the blog
o   An online dictionary or synonym finder
o   Google drive
o   grooveshark
Ø  If LAN School tells me your any place else, you will receive a zeros for all assignments today.

#2    WE#9:  Ghosts, Monsters and Bullies Poem (Revision and Mid-Term Assessment)
1.      Rubric

a.     Review the requirements—be clear.
b.    Begin with the end in mind.
c.      This is a Mid-Term Assessment.  TAKE YOUR TIME!  You have sixty minutes, IF you need it.
2.     Read your poem with fresh eyes today.
3.     Carefully review the comments and questions from your peer conference.
4.     Consider which questions to answer in your revision.
5.     Start revising
6.     Delete your partner’s comments as you address them.
7.     Make at least ten revisions/changes.
8.     Edit your poem for grammatical perfection.
9.     Print a copy to the Media Center, front and back, and I’ll pick it up off the printer.

#3    Lecture and Quiz--Let's See What You Know!     (Ten minutes)
1.      Listen to the lesson at this link:
3.     Take the quiz to see if you understood the main points of the lecture.
4.     E-mail me your quiz score—just put your score in the message line!

The following people have already taken the quiz and e-mailed me scores, so they may move on!  J


Davis      Miller     Todd                        Van Winkle          Willers 

#4    Online Word Games
1.      Go to this site, and play as many of the word games as you can (or, if you find one you like, stick with that one!)  J
2.     Please put your recommendations on the board for best games.
3.     If you’d rather work strictly on vocabulary-building, go here: 
NOTE:  If you have trouble accessing it browsing in Safari, try Chrome.

#5    Portfolio Reminder    (20 minutes)
Ø  Take a gander at the packet (more beginning with the end in mind.)
Ø  Continue viewing the slideshow with Janelle.
Ø  You might see a project that sparks an idea in you.  If you do, WRITE IT DOWN! 

Ø  …none, as long as we’re working hard in class, and as long as we finish all of the items above!

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