Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday, 1/29/2013

Welcome to Creative Writing! 
Happy Tuesday—January 29, 2013

When You Come In
Ø  Please initial next to your name on the clipboard.
Ø  Pick up one of the little rectangle of yellow paper off the sign-in table.

Notes and Reminders
1)     Thank you for sharing your cliché trio stories!  Those were fun to listen to!
2)     Don’t put anything in the Creative Writing folder/collection on google docs, unless you want everyone in the class to be able to view and edit it.
3)     Never use a lower case “i” for “I”—ever.  As of today, day eleven, I will be deducting points from assignments if you allow this error in your writing.

2nd:  Brett and Erica
3rd:  Halie and Chris AKA Middle
Upload Word Doc to google

Housekeeping Item—Another Big Idea Reminder
Acceptable Material 
(Take notes on the inside front cover of your binder.)
Theses are parameters for unacceptable material:
1)     profanity—a little goes a LOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGG way!
2)     Explicit sex
3)     No personal attacks
4)    Glorifying illegal drug or alcohol use
5)     Explicit violence
6)    Bashing religion
7)     Bashing race
8)    “Gay” or “retarded”

Writing Lesson—Diction = WORD CHOICE
1)     Big Questions:
a.     What is diction?
b.     Why is it important?
c.     What happens to words over time?
d.     What does using precise adjectives have to do with diction? (review)
e.     What does avoiding clichés have to do with diction? (review)
2)     A Bunch of....  (page 18)
a.     Two minutes—match up as many as you can on your own
b.     Two minutes--work with a partner.
c.     Let’s see how we did! 

Writing Assignment:  Death of Language (page 19)
1)     Explanation of assignment
2)     Discussion of “A” models
3)     Why you’re using dictionaries for this assignment
4)    Workshop time = Twenty full minutes right now to browse the dictionary
5)     By Thursday—have at least one strong answer (looks and sounds like examples on page 19) to share on google drive for the class to view and comment on
6)    By Monday—all twenty words are due, typed, and in the same format as you see in the examples on page 19
7)     At 11:07, type one of your favorite words below:
a.     Lullaby
b.     Chivalrous
c.     Crescendo
d.     Acapnia
e.     Destiny
f.      Finagle
g.     Awakening
h.     Nickelodeon
i.      Obliterate
j.      Swagger
k.     Salutation
l.      Disport
m.   ZAP
n.     Phlox
o.     Spontaneous
p.     Roger

Homework:  WE #6
Ø  1 ¼ - 2 pages
Ø  typed, doublespaced
Ø  paragraphed for clarity
Ø  printed and handed in when the tardy bell rings tomorrow

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