Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday, 1/4/2013


Note:  If you were absent Thursday or Friday, and you need any materials that are not in your CW textbook, e-mail me, and I'll upload them to google docs.



Days Left in the Term = 6 (including today)

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Pick up your yellow Perfect Moment Prep sheet off the back table.
3.     Please open your book to page 52.

Take a look at the Big Picture.

Big Ideas for the Week (Next Five Days)
1.       Showing, Not Just Telling
2.      Diction—Have that Vocabulary Variety sheet out every day!  
3.      Revision!

1.       Difference between “literal” and “figurative” language—page 52.
2.      Diction (Sandra Cisneros—page 52)
3.      Vocabulary Variety—Take this page out, and have it on your desk.

Writing Lesson:  Imagery
1.       Imagery (Emily Bronte)—page 53
2.      Imagery (Hot Chocolate Sentence)--page 54  (10:21-10:25)
3.      Pair-share your five revisions quickety-quick! 
4.     Put a star by your partner’s strongest IMAGERY!

Writing Assignment:  Perfect Moment
1.      Get back your yellow prep sheet that we did yesterday in class.
2.     Look at models of final product
3.     Go over the rubric for the final draft, but DON’T FILL IT OUT.  We won’t finalize this piece until Wednesday.  Helpful sentences are on the back.
4.     Read both pages of your Vocabulary Variety, and see what words you can ADD to your five senses sheet.
5.     Open your computer, and type the FIRST DRAFT of your PERFECT MEMOIR.
6.     Before you print, check the following:
a.          MLA format at top?
b.         DOUBLESPACED?
c.          Working title, at least?
d.         First line indented?
7.     When I call time, send it to the printer, and I will have someone go get them.
·       Start time = 10:41; End time = 10:56

If You Finish Your First Draft Early
1.      Look at your SENSE POEM again, and re-read the directions on page 60. 
2.     Revise your poem, using your vocabulary variety sheet, and keeping in mind what we’ve said about SHOWING, not just TELLING.
3.     Share it with me ONLY if you have not already done so. 

1.      Paper pass-back and folder log in
2.     Portfolio Prep sheet
3.     Come back and chat with me, IF you finish filling out your sheet today, please.

·       Portfolio Construction
·       Fill out your Revision and Portfolio Thinking Worksheet, IF you didn’t get finished with it during class today.


Homework Due
1.      Put your name in big letters on the tops of the following pages, then put them in the correct folders on the heater, please.  I’ll have them back to you in a jiffy!
a.     Page 2
b.     Page 5 and 6
2.     Regarding your annotations over all assigned pages:  I will take up your ENTIRE novella on Tuesday to assess your annotations.  This will be a major homework grade.

Quick-Write #2:  Esperanza (Start at 11:26; end at 11:36)
1.      Review yesterday’s journal over self-definition and identity.
2.     Write for ten minutes about who Esperanza is.  (Use your book as needed, and answer as many of the following questions as you can.)
a.     How did she get her name?
b.     What does her name mean?
c.     How does she feel about it?
d.     Who is she?
e.     Who does she want to be?
f.      If you finish early, and you’ve exhausted all possible topics for the above prompts, make a list of questions you have about the first third of the novella.
3.     Pair-share with someone new.  (Don’t forget to sign each other’s journal!)
4.     Write one sentence at the end of your partner’s journal that shows a connection you made, or a comment you have.
5.     Trade back with your partner, so he/she can read your comment.
6.     Drop this in the drawer when we’ve finished discussions.  Thank you!

·       Pages 3-33
·       You must stay silent, until I tell you everyone’s quiz is in.  If you are talking for any reason, you will have to take a zero on the quiz.

1.      When you finish the quiz, please go back to your annotations for pages 3-33.
2.     Start filling out page 8 and page 11 in your packet.

Class Discussion and Trios
1.      After everyone’s finished the quiz, we’ll get into trios to complete all of page 8 and all of page 11.
2.     You have until 12:55.

·       Review your cards, and correct a few definitions as needed, please.  (final vocabulary quiz Thursday)

Homework for Monday
1.     Read and annotate Mango, pages 31-64 (quiz Monday)
2.    Character chart—add to pages 6-7, extra Character Chart (on white)
3.    Study your vocab cards for at least fifteen minutes.

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