Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday, 1/11/2013

Creative Writing—Last Day!
1)    Get your portfolio.  If it’s small, leave it on your desk.  If it needs to be displayed, do it!  J  You can display in the library.
2)   Get a portfolio viewing sheet, and write your name and the title of your portfolio at the top of the sheet. 
3)   The sheet and the portfolio STAY; YOU move around, and look at every person’s portfolio.
4)   Spend AT LEAST three minutes with each project.  Write TWO POSITIVE comments by your name. 
5)   Make sure you get around to viewing everyone’s project, and make two positive comments (specific, not generic) on each person’s sheet, please.

***Pass back papers and folders.
I’ll call you back, and you will bring me all the following:
1.     Portfolio
2.       Completed Self-Evaluation (Top)
3.       Reflection (Middle)
4.      Portfolio Viewing Sheet (Bottom)

Talk about SENIOR YEAR Registration!

College-Prep Reading

Socratic Fishbowl Final

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Make an inner circle of eight desks, and an outer circle of eight desks.
a.     Inner Circle
                                      i.     Kaitlin B.
                                     ii.     Gabe
                                    iii.     Christina
                                    iv.     Sarah
                                     v.     Logan
                                    vi.     Bridget
                                   vii.     Jennifer
                                  viii.     Clay
b.     Outer Circle
                                      i.     Morgan
                                     ii.     Lauren
                                    iii.     Michael
                                    iv.     Zuleyma
                                     v.     Keri
                                    vi.     Allan
                                   vii.     Brittany
                                  viii.     Kaitie W.

What You Need Out
1.      Mango book
2.     Orange sheet—read those questions for your current position, please
3.     Green sheet—in case you need any reminders
4.     Your Notecard with your job on it
5.     Paper for notes for your notecard job

Let’s take a few quiet minutes to prepare.

After Our Fishbowl Concludes
1.      Think about what you most want to say about
a.     Your performance today—what you did well, what you’d like to do better during your next academic discussion.
b.     Your contributions today—what you brought to the discussion
c.     A specific aspect of the topics discussed—a question, a clarification, an a-ha moment, etc.
2.     Develop your ideas into a thoughtful one-page personal essay, introspective (looking inward) and honest in tone.
3.     Use details/examples to support your points.
4.     Other requirements
a.     Typed
b.     Doublespaced
c.     1 page
d.     MLA format for heading
e.     Shared with me by noon Saturday

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