Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday, 12/13/2012

Creative Writing


  • Santa's Helper Letter Worksheet--we filled in the top half, and we will fill in the bottom half tomorrow.


  • We watched Olive the Other Reindeer, in preparation for our letter-writing tomorrow.

Organization and Portfolio
  • I showed how to create a folder for all our work, called "Creative Writing 2012."
  • I showed how to create a folder within a folder, called "Portfolio, 2012."  
  • We organized all our writing from the term.
  • We organized the five pieces we starred yesterday (the ones we think we will put in our portfolio) into that "Portfolio" folder.

  • Keep thinking on your portfolio idea:  due thirteen class days from now.

College-Prep Reading

  • We watched Olive the Other Reindeer.
The Sonnet
  • We examined and articulated the rhythm and rhyme of the Shakespeare sonnet we annotated yesterday.
  • We discussed the first eight lines of the sonnet, per your annotations, and per my ideas.
  • I handed out the skeleton for writing your own sonnet, and we spent a few minutes creating two lines of a class sonnet, just to see how long the process might take.
Work Time
  • We took ten minutes at the end of the block to work on either free rice OR the sonnet.
Due Dates/Homework
  • 13,000 grains of rice on free rice by classtime tomorrow, Friday
  • Original sonnet (not a recycle of the one you might have written for Sophomore English), due Monday

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