Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday, 12/11/2012


Tuesday 12/11—Day Twenty-Nine

When You Come In
1.      Sign in.
2.     Open your autobio poem.
3.     Retitle it like this:  “Autobio Poem—Your Last Name”.
4.     Close your computer, but leave them on your desk, because we’re about to use them.

Editing and Sharing
·       Editing Partner Dialogue Stories
·       When we finish, I will print these for you, and you can log them into your folders the nice time we have a pass-back.
·       Keep these rules about editing dialogue in your head for the next sixteen days.

Writing Assignment
·       Fifty-Word Stories

When You Finish
1.      Send your three stories to the printer.
2.     You filled your beige sheet out already, right?
3.     Staple the beige sheet on top of your typed stories.
4.     Put it in the drawer.  Thank you!
5.     If you did not finish, please finish for homework, and print them before class, during snack break, for on-time credit.

·       Portfolio  (Due Friday, January 11th—7 days after we come back from break; 15 days from today)

Day 28                                           
College-Prep Reading

Plan for the week:
1.      Finish viewing and note-taking on The Dark Ages.
2.     Understand the big picture of The Renaissance and Reformation.
3.     Differentiate one era from another.
4.     See similarities between eras, where applicable.
5.     Continue culture discussion.
6.    Read English Renaissance poetry, mainly sonnets.
7.     Examine and apply techniques for how to explicate poetry.

Historical Overview (On the White Board)—Please get out your blue Literary Eras sheet.
1.      THE CLASSICAL PERIOD                                (1200 BCE - 455 CE)
2.     THE MEDIEVAL PERIOD                                 (455 CE-1485 CE)
3.     THE RENAISSANCE AND REFORMATION      (c. 1485-1660 CE)
·      Don’t worry if the dates are different when you consult different sources.  For example, worksheet for today says “1300-1600”.

The Renaissance and Reformation
·      Look at your list of biggies:
·      Keep an ear out for these folks this week!

The Renaissance (Prezi)
Don’t take notes—but listen and think.  J
·      (We’re going to skip the business on The Reformation.)

After Lunch
1.      Finish art slideshow (five minutes)
2.     Classwork/Homework (two assignments)

Reading and Worksheet Assignment
1.      Read the worksheet questions over “European Renaissance and Reformation, 1300-1600.
2.     Read “European Renaissance and Reformation, 1300-1600 (on google drive):
3.     Much of this will be review of what we just viewed, so this step is to solidify some of the ideas in our brains.

Foundational Reading:  Professor Foster—“If It’s Square, It’s a Sonnet”
1.      Please read and annotate this short chapter.
2.     Yes, I know the stapling and collating is horrifying.  We’ll have to be strong.
3.     Look up references and words you don’t know—there will not be many.
4.     PS:  There’s no more Beaming Blue in the workroom, so I was forced to use baby blue for our foundational reading.  This is, of course, devastating.  L

Dark Ages Notes—We are DONE with this viewing, due to time constraints.
·      Your notes must be meangingfully organized. 
·      I’m going to print them and review them tomorrow.

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