Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursday, 11/1/12

Welcome to Creative Writing!
Thursday, November 1st 2012
Day Four

When You Come In
1.                Please initial next to your name on the clipboard.
2.               Please print a copy of your AROUND THE BLOCK poem to the library.  (We can wait to go get them until everyone’s printed.)
3.               You do need your computer today, but once the tardy bell rings, please put it away.

Vital Information About Class
1.      The Blog:
2.     Take the oath of I-promise-I'll-never-come-in-and-ask-you-"Did we do anything when I was absent yesterday?"  :-)

Writing Lesson Review
1.      Clichés--page 12—what are they?  Why are they bad for our writing?
2.     Everyone share his/her best anti-cliché.  Does it meet the following criteria?
a.     It has to make sense! (be true)
b.     It has to be original.
c.     It has to put a picture in our heads!

Writing Lesson Review:  Clichés, Part II
1.                Skim and scan pages 13-14, and do the following. (10:18-10:22)
a.     Put a question mark by clichés you don’t understand,
b.    Put a smiley by ones you like (even though they’re cliché).
c.     Put a check-mark by the ones you’ve heard gazillions of times.
2.               NOW:  Pair-share your responses. (10:27-10:31)
3.               I’ll explain any that are still unclear.

So What Have We Done the First Four Days of Class?
·      …wrote a poem.
·      …wrote a story.
·      …had a writing lesson.
·      …worked in Word and on google drive.
·      …read Earthbook.
·      …began with the end in mind—PORTFOLIO!

Revision:  Around the Block Poem
1.                Print a copy of your original to the library.  DONE
2.               Now I’m going to show you FOUR WAYS I want you to revise this poem.  You’re going to work on this poem in FOUR WAYS to make it a stronger piece of writing than it is right now.
3.               You have to show your work on your original draft by marking it up.
4.               FIRST:  Open your first draft on your google drive.
5.                              NEXT: Revise your first draft, making at least ten changes.
a.         Four ways (changes you marked on paper copy)
b.         Vocabulary Variety sheet (red)
c.          Anything you want to add, subtract, or substitute
d.         Title—Is it a knockout?  Is it as strong as it can be?
6.               Check out what happens in “File”, “See Revision History”! 
7.               When I call time, share this document with me (“Kerrie Willis”).
8.               Put your marked-up first draft in the drawer for a daily grade.

·      Print a paper copy of your Halloween Fiction Story--first block only! (due by tardy bell Friday; you get “zero” points if you come without it.)

1st Block is reading aloud in groups of four (verbal comments at end of story).
2nd Block is sharing them on google docs (quiet reading and typing comments).

NOTE:  In first block especially, we had computer issues with printing, etc.  Some of what's listed above for revising the Around the Block poem we did not get to, so that will appear again in Friday's or Monday's agenda.  

Reading for College
Day Four
November 1, 2012

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in on the clipboard.
2.     Discuss free rice progress (3,000 grains due tomorrow @ tardy bell or homework grade)

What Does a Good Reader Do?
3.     Wiki—each person read his/her post, and we made comments and connections
4.     Nabokov—“Good Readers, Good Writers”
5.     I read the first two pages aloud, and we annotated and discussed as we went.
6.    The class had twenty-five minutes to read and annotate pages 3, 4 and 5 during quiet, individual reading time.

These questions might help with your annotations:
1.      What advice does he give his freshmen about being good readers?
2.     What beliefs does he have about what makes a good writer?
3.     What differentiates a major writer from a minor one?
4.     Every time you see a metaphor, flag it with an “M”!  J
5.     Box words you don’t know.

1.      Finish annotating Nabokov, if necessary.
2.     3,000 grains of rice on free rice—make sure you’re playing in our class group!

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