Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday, November 2nd, 2012--CREATIVE WRITING

Welcome to Creative Writing!
Friday, November 2nd, 2012
Happy Friday!  (Day Five)

When You Come In
1.                Please initial next to your name on the clipboard.
2.                You do need your computers today.

Writing Experiment #1 (10:05-10:25)
1.      Sign on to google drive.
2.     Click on the red square that says "Create", then "Document".
3.     Head your paper with the MLA format, then start typing your writing experiment (directions below).

Writing Experiment #1
1.      Select ONE of the following choices to write about. 
2.     Type for the full twenty minutes.  (doublespace, please)  
3.     Print to the Media Center, but do NOT go get it.

DUE:  in the drawer, when our twenty minutes is up

#1:  Spilled Popcorn
What’s the worst movie you’ve seen recently?  Imagine you’re a film critic and write a couple of paragraphs tearing this movie to shreds.

#2:  I’m Grateful
Even the dreariest, most awful weeks aren’t bad twenty-four hours a day.  Think of a few things that have happened this week that you’re grateful for.

#3:  Breaking Up
Woody Allen once said,

“It’s better to be the leaver than the leavee.”

Do you agree?  Would you rather dump someone than get dumped yourself?  Which do you think is more painful?

No one will read this one but me.

At 10:25
1.      Doublespace your writing experiment #1.
2.     Send your Writing Experiment to the printer.
3.     PRINT Two-Sided (front/back)!  J
4.     If you do NOT have your computer enabled to print yet, share your document with me.  But LATER THIS BLOCK, go see Mrs. Hippen so you can get enabled on the library printer.


Here’s What I’m Looking At:
1.      Kindness and respect to others
2.     Equal time for each person to share and to speak
3.     Quality comments
4.     Focused Time‑on‑task

Directions for How to Share:
1.      Reader#1:  read your story aloud, slowly, after saying the title.
2.     Everyone else:  look, lean, and listen respectfully.
3.     Everyone make TWO POSITIVE COMMENTS directly to the reader, when he/she is finished reading. 
4.     Repeat for readers #2, 3, and 4!  J

Modifications for Sharing on google drive
Share your story with the TWO other people who are your partners.

Things We Can Comment On
1.     How’s my ending?  Satisfying?
2.    How’s the plot (events)?
3.    How’s my word choice?
4.   Do I have enough detail?
5.    What’s your favorite part?
6.   Conflict?
7.    Setting?
8.   Characters?
9.  Title?
11.Vivid detail--using five senses?
12.Avoiding clichés?
When You Finish/Come Back from Sharing
1.      Share your Halloween Fiction Story with me now on google drive:  “Kerrie Willis”.
2.     Fill out the bottom of your group sharing sheet.
3.     Drop it in the drawer.  Please and thank you!  J
4.     Keep your Halloween Fiction Story in your binder.  (We’ll do something official with it Monday.)
5.     Now pick up where you left off yesterday revising your Around the Block Poem (directions in blue below).

Revision:  Around the Block Poem (Finish Steps w/Your Best Work)
1.                You have to show your work on your original draft by marking it up in the four ways listed on the orange handout.
2.                Open your first draft on your google drive.
3.                Revise your first draft, making at least ten changes.
a.     Four ways (changes you marked on paper copy)
b.     Vocabulary Variety sheet (red)
c.     Anything you want to add, subtract, or substitute
d.     Title—Is it a knockout?  Is it as strong as it can be?
4.               Check out what happens in “File”, “See Revision History”! 
5.                When I call time, share this document with me (“Kerrie Willis”).
6.               Put your marked-up first draft in the drawer for a daily grade.

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