Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday, 10/10/12

Happy Wednesday, 10/10/2012                                             Day 35

·      Days left in term 1:    12
·      What To Do When You Come In
1.      Sign in.
2.     Get your pink sheet and your free reading book.
3.     Get the three handouts off the sign-in table (two white, one gold).

Reading Strategies—Bringing It All Together As We Finish the Term
1.      "What are some skills, thought processes, or strategies you use when reading print materials, such as your textbook, a magazine article, or a newspaper article?"
2.     "How do you go about making sense of what you read from a book, a magazine, or a newspaper?"

Reading Strategies—Pulling It All Together
1.      Grab a copy of the article I’m going to read aloud to you:  “How a Deadly Snake’s Venom Could Mean Pain Relief”.
2.     I need one student to act as the scribe, while the rest of you follow along as I read.
3.     While I read, I’ll model my thoughts as I’m reading, and the scribe will record my thoughts on the Reading Think-Aloud Sheet.
4.     I’m going to go more slowly than I would if I was reading this on my own, so I can make my thinking clear.
5.     Scribe, I’m going to make a variety of comments.  Record the general ideas in each statement I make or question I ask.
6.    After I model the think-aloud, we’ll work as a class to label the skills and thought processes I used.  Refer to your Reading Strategies List for labeling.

1.      Take the Vocab Final.
2.     Since this is a test, please sit in your assigned seat for the rest of class.
3.     And don’t talk during the test—or I have to give you a zero.
4.     Please put it in the drawer when you finish, then READ AND RELAX!  J

Read and Relax!  J
Bookmark Journal #5:  Making Connections
·      Finish your bookmark journal with your free reading book today.
Book Chats
1.           Isaiah(2nd)
2.          Stephanie(2nd)
3.         Alexandria(2nd)
4.         Mikayla(2nd)
5.         Tiffiany(2nd)
6.    Nichole (4th)
7.     Jordan (4th)

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