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Thursday, 10/11/12

Thursday, 10/11/12                                                                               Day 36

Reading Strategy Reminder—Bringing It All Together As We Finish the Term
1.      "What are some skills, thought processes, or strategies you use when reading print materials, such as your textbook, a magazine article, or a newspaper article?"
2.     "How do you go about making sense of what you read from a book, a magazine, or a newspaper?"

Reading Strategy Practice (50 minutes)
Goals for your work with a partner today:  use as many different strategies as you can on the assigned reading; identify as many different strategies as you can when your partner is reading and thinking aloud.
1.      With Mr. Collins, review the think-aloud strategy I modeled yesterday and the types of strategies and thought processes class members decided might be used when reading a print text. (two minutes, just enough to remind everyone of how the procedure worked yesterday)
2.     Make sure you have the following:
a.     Article:  “Should Teachers Be Allowed to Spank Students?”
Article:  “Back Off, Boss:  Cute Kitten Videos May Improve Work Performance”
b.    Big Strategy Sheet (from yesterday; GOLD)
c.     Reading Think-Aloud Sheet (from yesterday; WHITE)
3.     Break into pairs as follows:
a.     Pairs only, unless we need ONE trio.
b.    Don’t leave anyone out.  BE KIND!
c.     Pair up in twenty seconds or less, then get to work—quickety-quick!
d.    Spread out around the room, in the library, and in the hallway IF Mr. Collins says it’s okay.
4.     Partner #1, you read aloud one of the articles to your partner, like I did to the class yesterday.  STOP AND THINK ALOUD, like I did yesterday, when you are using a strategy.  (And yes, the goal for today is to use as many different strategies as you can!)
5.     Partner #2, you fill out the Reading Think-Aloud sheet, like the scribe did for me yesterday on the big screen.
6.    You can either identify the strategy of each think-aloud statement your partner makes as you go through the reading together, or you can just record the think-alouds first, then go back and label each one in the right-hand column.
7.     When you finish article #1, switch articles and roles, and repeat steps 4-6 above.
8.    Each of you needs to turn in a completed Reading Think-Aloud sheet to the drawer at the end of this activity.

Read and Relax (30 minutes)
1.      Make sure you finish Bookmark Journal #5, Making Connections, today, if you have not already done so.
2.     I will have book chats tomorrow with people who need them.

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