Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Monday, People! 10/15/2012

When You Come In
a.     Please sign in.
b.     Please grab a pink fluency rubric
c.     Please grab your free reading book.
d.     You will NOT have a new pink sheet today.  I’ll have them for you tomorrow!  J

Days Remaining in Term:  9!
M              10/15
T                1016        Workshop with Mrs. Hippen
W              10/17      
TH            10/18       (Rockwell visit for some class members)    
F                10/19
M              10/22
T                10/23       Final with Stewart Kids
W              10/24       Final with Stewart Kids
·       Conference Vocal Festival (Nick?)
TH            10/25       (END OF TERM)
·       FFA Convention (Chase; Craig? Holly?)

1)     Look at the Fluency Rubric.
2)     What does each item mean?
3)     I’m going to read you an EXCERPT (part of) a story, and I want you to evaluate me on the fluency items.
a.     “They’re Made Out of Meat”
4)     We’re going to identify as many as we can from the story I just read part of.
5)     Come up and point them out on the big screen.  (There may or may not be chocolate involved.)
6)    Highlight JUST the Super Signals on your page of this story.  You don’t even have to read!
7)     With a partner, identify the Super Signals that would help a reader read this fluently, and record the Super Signals on your Super Signals Chart.
8)    Now, open your free reading book to ANY RANDOM PAGE.  Find super signals there, and tell me one that hasn’t been said by someone else.
9)     Reading Super Signals correctly is a HUGE part of your FLUENCY!

Bookmark Journal #6:  Super Signals
·       Use what you learned today about super signals to find FOUR DIFFERENT super signals in your free reading book today (or tomorrow, if you need more time).

Read and Relax = 40 minutes
·       Type your name here if you need a book chat today, please.
·       Austin (1st)
·       Alexandria (2nd)
·       Jessica (2nd)
·       Kristine (4th)
·       Ransom (4th)

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