Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday, 9/27/2012

Thursday, 9/27/2012                                                                          Day 26
When You Come In
1.      Sign in, please.
2.     Grab your pink daily reading sheet and your book—thanks!

1.      Get out your sheet of notebook paper called “Week Five Vocab”.
2.     Write a sentence for each of the following words:  (5 minutes)
a.     Cerebral
b.    Lineage
c.     Exasperation
d.    Inconsequential

Picture Quiz w/Best Pics
1.      Draw a line under your vocab sentences from today.
2.     Write “Picture Quiz 9/27” as a heading.
3.     Number your notebook paper from 1 to ________.
4.     View the pics, and make a guess, in writing.
5.     Spell the words correctly.
6.    Turn it into the drawer!  Please and thank you!

·      Paper pass-back
·      Folder organization
o   By section
o   Then by date, oldest in front

·      Grade printout
·      Mid-Term Letter to Parent--Reflection
·      Write your Mid-Term Reflection Letter to Parent on the BACK page of your grade printout.
1.     What I’ve gotten stronger at this term in Reading is….
2.    What I still want to work on for the rest of the term is…
3.    The one thing I think Ms. Willis will want to tell you about me is….
4.    One thing I want you to know about my grade printout is….
·      After you write your letter, put it in the folder on the circle table.

·      Read and Relax until ____.  (Fill out your pink sheet.)

Six-Way Paragraph—Understanding a Passage in Six Different Ways
1.           Reading Strategy #1:  Read the questions first!  (Give yourself purpose.)
2.          Reading Strategy #2:  Consider the title, before, during and after reading.
3.         Reading Strategy #3:  Annotation (Talk to the text.)

1.      Use your strategies!
2.     Today is strictly on your own, so we will not be pair-sharing.
3.     Score it, date it, and put your name on it!
4.     Put it in your binder, and we are going to chart it in a minute.

Organization, Again
·      Get a Six-way Paragraph Record-Keeping sheet, and plot your first few paragraphs.
·      51   (8/23)
·      61  (8/30)
·      55  (9/7)
·      64  (9/20)
·      45  (9/27)

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