Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday, 9/28/2012

Friday, 9/28/2012                                                                               Day 27
When You Come In
1.      Sign in, please.
2.     Grab your pink daily reading sheet and your book—thanks!

Read and Relax (forty minutes)—Target Start Times
2:40        4th

Vocabulary Review:        Update your yellow sheet. 
·       Do you have twenty words?
·       Are all your blanks filled in?

Vocabulary Review:        Make four new flashcards.
1.     Big, legible writing
2.     Word spelled correctly
3.     Big, colorful symbol picture (no words)

Vocabulary Review:        Slap It!
Round 1                  Words Up (antonyms)
Round 2                 Pictures Up (synonyms)
Round 3                 ½ and ½!  (definitions)

Vocabulary Practice
·       Catchphrases (If Time Allows)

Read and Relax (forty minutes)
2:40        4th

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