Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday, 9/72012

Happy Friday!       Day 12—Reading

When You Come In—Do these things before the tardy bell, please.
1.      Initial attendance on the clipboard on the front table.
2.     Pick up the blue “Hurricanes” paragraph.
3.     Pick up your book and daily reading sheet.
4.     Tell me if you need a book chat today (because you’ve finished a book).

Six-Way Paragraph—Understanding a Passage in Six Different Ways
1.           Reading Strategy #1:  Read the questions first!  (Give yourself purpose.)
2.          Reading Strategy #2:  Consider the title, before, during and after reading.
3.          Reading Strategy #3:  Annotation (Talk to the text.)

1.      Complete this on your own.
2.     Use your strategies!
3.     WHEN YOU FINISH, READ YOUR BOOK UNTIL _________.  Do not ask to leave the room right now—please and thank you! 
4.     Pair-share—change answers, if desired.
5.     Check and discuss as a class.
6.     Score it, date it, and put your name on it!
7.     Turn it in to the drawer!

Strategy Practice:  Visualizing
·       “The Monkey Garden”--WITHOUT LOOKING AT YOUR CHAPTER FROM YESTERDAY, list all the details from the five sense you can remember from yesterday in the correct boxes.
·       Flip your paper over, and on the back, write down anything you remember from the story that isn’t a sense:  The narrator wanted to die, for example.  You can also write down things you remember we discussed in class, as they related to the story.
·       Put your name on it, and turn it into the drawer.  We will talk about it again next week!  J

Vocab Review
·       Get up!  Get down!

New Vocabulary
·       Germinate
·       The flower seed began to GERMINATE after four days.
·       In sixth grade, we watched seeds GERMINATE in a cup, and wrote down which sprouted first.
·       Holocaust

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