Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Friday, 8/31/2012!                                                       Day 8—Reading

When You Come In
·      Initial attendance on the clipboard on the front table.

2:00     Strategy Instruction:  Visualization
1.      What are our five senses?
a.     Sight
b.    Sound
c.     Smell
d.    Taste
e.     Touch/texture
2.     What happens in your brain when you visualize what you’re reading?
3.     You get a copy of “Oranges” to annotate.
4.     I’ll read it aloud.
5.     You highlight, underline, or circle every SENSE that you visualize.
6.    Now, you and your partner select two details for each SENSE, and write them in the boxes.
7.     When you finish, staple your annotated poem to the BACK of your boxes sheet, and turn them into the drawer.  Don’t forget your name and the date.

2:20-2:25         Read and Relax
·      Grab your pink sheet and your free reading book!

1.      Complete your pink daily reading log
a.     time ended
b.    page ended
2.     Rate yourself. (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)
3.     Put your pink sheet and book over on the table where it was when class started (unless you’re going to read this weekend, then please keep your book with you).

2:58     Vocabulary Review (last twenty minutes)
·      Google docs folder for our class
·      Assignment directions saved there
·      Do not alter this document.  If you want to make notes on it, make a copy, please.

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