Friday, May 18, 2012

Thursday, 5/17/2012


Revision:  Simile Poem
1.       Get out your rough draft of this poem (in your manila folder).
2.      Review requirements and rubric for the Simile Poem (handout).
3.      Read over ALL the SIMILE SUGGESTIONS you got from people (Simile Creation Sheet).
4.      How and why do these similes work?  And do they need more detail?
5.      Create your SECOND and FINAL DRAFT of this poem, which I will read.
6.      Save it in the class folder in the “Simile Poem” collection.
7.      Fill out the rubric.
Turn In:  staple as follows, then put in the drawer:
1.       Completed rubric (on top)
2.      Final draft  (I don’t need the rough draft.  I will see your revision on google docs.)

1.       Select ONE PROSE (NOT a poem) piece you want to put in your  portfolio that has NOT been revised. 
2.      Revise it!  (add; subtract; substitute; transpose)
3.      Make it great!
4.      Now select ONE POEM you want to put in your portfolio that has NOT been revised.
5.      Repeat steps #2 and #3 above!

          *1                      Days remaining for SENIORS
*****5                      Days remaining for JUNIORS

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