Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012


When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.      Get your manila folder off the table.
3.      Do a folder log-in as you get your pieces back.
4.      Get a Vocabulary Variety sheet (pink) if you did NOT already get one.

Notes and Reminders
1.      Thank you for sharing your cliché trio stories!  Those were fun to listen to!
2.      Don’t put anything in the Creative Writing folder/collection on google docs, unless you want everyone in the class to be able to view and edit it.
3.      Never use a lower case “i” for “I”—ever.

Organization--Unit One Review—Page 3
1.      What have we talked about so far?
2.      What writings have we done?
3.      What do we still have to think about, talk about, and write?
a.     Twenty-Question Quiz?
b.     Or Everybody Up?

Revision and Peer Conferencing:  I Am a Russian Tailor
1.      Let’s check out your best lines so far!
2.      Review the directions on your checklist.  Follow the directions on your checklist!  Adam and Jazmine, I shared this with you on google docs.
3.      Work Time = 15 minutes (12:32-12:47)
4.      What does a thorough peer conference look like?
5.      Peer Conferencing = Ten minutes
·       Please finish your peer conference for homework.
·       Adam W. and Jazmine R, you two are partners for this!  So try to do this this weekend!

Homework for Tuesday
Journal #2 Requirements
·       a minimum of 1 1/2 pages, typed, doublespaced
·       You can use prompts from page 11, if you want to.
·       You can start a new idea, if you run out of steam on your first idea before you've typed 1 1/2 pages.
·       Come early to class if you need to print, as this will be be due, in the drawer, when the tardy bell rings Monday.

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