Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012


When You Come In
·       Please sign in, as usual?

Organization, Again!
·       Do a folder log-in!  J 

Mid-Term Preparation and Reflection
1.      Gold handout
2.     Grade printout
3.     One piece you want your parents to read at conferences
4.     Staple your mid-term packet as follows:
a.     Marigold reflection (on top)
b.     Grade printout—white (in middle)
c.     The piece my parents can read (on bottom)
5.     Come on back to my desk, and hand it in to me.  Thanks!

Writing Experiment #6
1.      Grab a green handout (table).
2.     Grab an iBook.
3.     Start typing!  J
4.     Before You Go To Lunch
a.     Doublespace the document.
b.     Put in PARAGRAPHS where they need to be.
c.      Print FRONT/BACK to room 212.  (I’ll go get them.)
d.     When you’ve done this, sign off google docs, and put your iBook away, please and thank you!  J

Collaborative Writing:  Class Poem #1
1.      Get a handout with the expectations for this assignment.
2.     We will read it and discuss it, so expectations are clear.
3.     Follow the directions for the assignment.
4.     We will read them aloud TOMORROW!

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