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Thursday, April 19th, 2012


Thursday, April 19th, 2012

REMINDER:  Do not go over to Flattery's printer one at a time, every time you print!  It is very disruptive to her class.  Send one person over at the following times:

Writing Assignment #1                    (Twenty Minutes)
Russian Tailor—Final Draft (Revision conference with me Friday)
1.      Get the BLUE handout, and follow the directions carefully!
2.     Get out your Advice for Revising and Editing Poetry sheet.  Use those questions for help on how and what to revise.
3.     How will I grade this assignment? 
a.     Did you thoroughly and thoughtfully complete the steps on the blue handout? 
b.     Is your final draft substantially stronger than your original?

Writing Assignment #2:  Prompt Word Poem        (Twenty-Five Minutes)
1.      Review the rubric for the assignment.  This outlines exactly you’re your targets are, and how I’m going to grade this assignment.
2.     Your word list is on google docs.
3.     Continue drafting this poem (which is due when you walk in the door TOMORROW.

Reading Assignment:  Fifty-Word Stories                                 (Twenty Minutes)
1.      Go to the following link:
2.     Browse these stories, and enjoy!  Enjoy!  Don’t rush through—take the full twenty minutes to read.
3.     Find three that really speak to you, that spark something in you, that you like.
4.     In our class folder on google docs, you’ll see a folder/collection called “Three Fifty-Word Stories I Like”.  Click on it, and open of the file called “Model for Fifty Word Stories I Like”.  That’s what I want your assignment to look like when you’re done.
5.     Copy and paste them into a google doc, including author and title.
6.     Type one sentence after each one explaining why you like the story.
7.     Save it in the class google docs folder (same one the model is in) as “your last name--Fifty Word Stories I Like”.
8.     DUE:  By classtime Friday

Homework for Tomorrow
·       The Prompt Word Poem is due FRIDAY, printed out and ready to trade with a partner when the tardy bell rings to start class.
·       If you are printing, or running to the printer, when the tardy bell rings, I will deduct twenty points (two letter grades) from your final score for this assignment.

Writing Assignment/Homework for MONDAY
·       Finish your Partner Dialogue Story for MONDAY—1 ½ pages, doublespaced, and dialogue edited correctly!

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