Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday, April 16, 2012


When You Come In
1.       Please sign in.
2.       Handouts on Back Table: (1)Unit Two; (2)Prompt Word Poem sheet
3.       Please turn in Journal #3 to the drawer.

Writing Lesson:  Diction (I know—it’s a shocking surprise! J )
1.       Review:  “Overweight” (loaded word)—spectrum from positive to negative
2.      Review:  What’s the difference between “denotation” and “connotation”.
3.      Please put your name at the top of page 23 and 24, and pass them in.

Writing Lesson:  Diction
1.       Get out your Vocabulary Variety pink sheet!  Give me a pair of words off there that are synonyms, but create different images in your mind.
2.      Yes, this is review!  But it is also prepping you for your writing assignment today.
a.      Plummet OR plunged
b.      Hurry OR scamper
c.      Shout OR yell
d.      Mute OR speechless

Writing Assignment:  Prompt Word Poem
1.       Model:  Lauren C.
a.      Word List
b.      Final Poem
2.      Rubric Explanation
3.      Words on google docs
4.      Drafting Times
a.      Monday = 20 minutes
b.      Tuesday = 20 minutes
c.      Due Wednesday, printed, and ready to trade when the tardy bell rings

Portfolio Reminder—After Lunch
1.       Portfolio Slideshow!  We watched 12 minutes Thursday (total time = 50 minutes).  We’ll watch more today!

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