Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday, April 13th, 2012


When You Come In
1.       Please sign in.
2.       Please get the orange sheet called “Around the Block Revision”.
3.       Please get your Around the Block poem off the back table.

Writing Lesson:  Diction (I know—it’s a shocking surprise! J )
1.       Review:  “Overweight” (loaded word)—spectrum from positive to negative
2.      Review:  What’s the difference between “denotation” and “connotation”.
3.      As a class, let’s finish writing pairs for What Are You Suggesting? (p. 23).
MORE POSITIVE               MORE NEGATIVE         
(Brilliant examples from class)
·       dirty                            filthy
·       beautiful hot
·       innocent naieve
·       short                          stumpy
·       freckled                     dotted
·       resilient                     stubborn
·       tan                              orange
·       musician  band-geek
·       passed away            died
·       jail                               prison (old model)
·       prison                        jail
·       sparkly                       glittery (old model)
·       unique                       weird
·       minority                     racial slur here
·       hard worker             teacher’s pet
·       white                         pale
·       loud                            obnoxious

Writing Lesson Practice, Activity 2
·       Playing with Words:  Connotations (page 24) (about fifteen minutes)

·       Revise Around the Block (handout + my comments)
Revision—Around the Block (Thirty Minutes)
1.      Grab your paper copy of this assignment.
2.     Do the FOUR chores I have for you on the handout.
3.     Open up your poem on google docs
4.     Read my comments to you—File, “See Revision History”
5.     Revise this poem to make it a stronger piece of writing than it is right now.
6.     Make at least ten meaningful changes (not including editing), and do ALL of the following.
a.     Four ways
b.     Vocabulary Variety sheet
c.     Anything you want to add, subtract, or substitute
d.     Title
7.     Check out what happens in “Revision History”!  It’s magic!  J
8.     Print a paper copy (front/back) of your final.
9.     Staple your FINAL COPY on top of the one you marked up, then drop it in the drawer, please.

·       Journal #3 (due Monday)—at least—at least—a page and a half, on any topic of your choosing, in a 10- or 12-point font.

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