Monday, March 26, 2012

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Welcome to Creative Writing!

When You Come In
1.      Please initial next to your name on the clipboard.
2.     Get with your partner from yesterday, and finish Survival Tips (pages 4-5)

Vital Information About Class (five more minutes with your partner; then whole class)  11:29
1.      Turn to pages 4-5 in your book.
2.     Finish filling in the blanks with your partner (five minutes).
3.     Talk about them as a class!

1.      Today we will find out where the blog is, and what it is.
2.     Today we will all successfully sign in to our school domain g-mail.
3.     We will type, save, and print our first assignment from there.

Writing Experiment #1--Around the Block
1.           Writing Experiment
a.          It’s a first draft.
b.         Do your best work…
c.          …but don’t agonize over it.
d.         Work quickly!
e.          Type your guts out!
f.           See the survival tip about not stressing about your first draft.)  (See #15 and #21)
2.          Take a look at the requirements for this assignment.

3.          Check out the models.
a.          Models are not perfect examples.
b.         Models are glimpses at how some people chose to approach this assignment.
4.          Editing Lesson
a.          MLA format for heading
b.          Required on everything you hand in this term.
5.          Organization
a.           Sign into/Create your google account.

e-mail address:  

b.         We’re typing here today, and for most of the term, so get comfortable!
6.         Your assignment will save in google docs.  Make sure you name it as follows:  “Last Name—Around the Block”.
Writing Experiment #1
Around the Block
Imagine you’re walking down a block in your neighborhood. 

Write a poem in which you describe everything you see along the way, from puddles to pieces of trash, from lost gloves to chipped paint on the curb.
1.     Use the five senses
a.    texture (how things feel)
b.   sight
c.    sound
d.   taste
e.    smell
2.    Break it into lines
3.    Do NOT rhyme.  J
4.    Font = 12
5.    Spacing = up to you (EXCEPT MLA, which has to be doublespaced)

Time Started:  12:35; Time Ending:  12:55-ish.

When You Finish Typing Your Poem
1.           Do you have at least twenty lines? 
2.          DO NOT PRINT!
3.          Sign out of google docs, then put your iBook away.  Plug it back in!  J
4.          Then read Earthbook, and fill out page 6.

·       Earthbook/Academic Fraud worksheet

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